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Wednesday, 16 January, 2002, 10:03 GMT

Under the board talk

Do you know your backside handplant from your flat bottom? If not, then read BBC Sport Online's guide to snowboard speak.

Backside handplant: If you performed this anywhere else but a snowboard venue, you may find yourself threatened with arrest. But within the sport, it is a half-pipe stunt in which the rider places his or her hands on both sides of the rim.

Bone: When you're in the air, it is natural to keep your legs bent, to allow for easier rotaion and so you don't shatter your knees on landing. However, the definition of bone is when a snowboarder straightens one or both legs during a half-pipe trick - straight legs = good style points.

Snowboard speak
Duckfoot: Stance with toes pointing outwards
Fakie: Riding a board backwards
Goofy-footed: Riding with the right foot forwards
Rolling down the windows: Rotating arms when off-balance
Vertical: Top part of a half-pipe

Chicken salad air: "Can I have chips with that?". Well, no. Nothing to do with a poultry dish, but a half-pipe move where the rider reaches their rear hand between their leg and grabs the heel edge between the bindings while the front leg is straightened.

Flat bottom: The space in the half-pipe between the two walls.

Goofy-footed: Riding a snowboard with the right foot forward.

McEgg: This term has no connection with a famous fast food chain, but was borne from a skill performed by skateboarder Mike McGill. It involves a manouevre in which the rider places the front hand on the wall, rotates 540 degrees in the backside direction and lands riding forward.

Pop tart: Staying on the breakfast theme, this is a tricky half-pipe aerial move in which the snowboarder goes up the wall riding fakie (backwards) and lands going forward without rotating.

Stiffy air: A half-pipe aerial move where a rider straightens both legs and does a grab (grips the snowboard's edge).

Taipan air: The rider reaches behind the front foot in this tricky half-pipe aerial trick and grabs the toe edge between the bindings and front hand, then bends the front knee to touch the board.

900 air: This a move likely to get the judges' attention. It involves the snowboarder spinning 900 degrees or two-and-a-half rotations.

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