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Wednesday, 16 January, 2002, 16:11 GMT

The Winter Olympics goes interactive

For the first time ever, the BBC's coverage of the Winter Olympic Games from Salt Lake City, will be enhanced with interactivity for every digital viewer.

If you're not sure how to access the BBC's interactive service, look up details below for what to do according to the digital provider you are signed up with.

  • Viewers with a Sky or digital satellite connection can access the BBC's interactive service by pressing the red key on their handset when the 'i' icon and 'press red' prompt appears on-screen.

    This takes you through to a multiscreen with three smaller pictures of events at the Games.

    Choose which you'd like to watch using the up and down arrow keys, then hit Select, or if you prefer, watch all three!

    To return to the previous page, press Backup, or press Zero to exit the interactive service altogether.

    In addition, the interactive multiscreen has a 'Press the Blue Key' option, which offers a medal table and schedule of upcoming events from Salt Lake City.

    Throughout the 17 days of the games, when BBC coverage is not being shown, Sky Digital viewers can access highlights from the previous night in Utah by pressing the Text Key, then selecting Winter Olympics from the Sport menu options.

    Perfect for catching up with the action without having to stay up to the small hours!

    The service will be unavailable from 1100GMT to 2200GMT on Sunday 17 February to make way for FA Cup interactive coverage.

    Similarly the service will be unavailable from 0800GMT to 1300GMT on Saturday 23 February because of "The Saturday Show" which will be going interactive.

  • itvDigital viewers should press the red key during BBC broadcasts, to enter a text-based enhanced service alongside a quarter screen of the BBC's Winter Olympics coverage.

    The text service offers all the top stories and latest news, alongside details of medal winners and overall medal table.

    It also provides a schedule of forthcoming action, a 'Guide to the Games' uncovering some of the more unorthodox sports and expert analysis from former Olympians and BBC pundits, Graham Bell and Robin Cousins.

  • Viewers through digital cable with ntl or Telewest will also receive a text based service similar to that for itvDigital.

  • Cable viewers with ntl or Telewest should access the BBC service through the Interactive button on their handset and select Winter Olympics from the BBC Sport menu.
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