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Winter Olympics 2002
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Ace Powder's Mountain Mayhem

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The game

Ace Powder is on a mission: to be the coolest and fastest boarder on the planet, and to pick up as many gold, silver and bronze medals as possible.

The problem is that so many things keep getting in his way and slowing him down.

You need to avoid the rocks, trees and deadwood in the way.

The local wildlife - growling bears and wandering skiers - also appear from nowhere to prevent a clear run to the bottom of the hill.

Your task

Help Ace pick up as many medals as possible and earn the respect of fellow boarders. As you would expect, gold medals are worth more points than silver and bronze.

Nailing a cool jump also helps win bonus points. But don't waste too much time, picking up every medal and showing off your jumping prowess - because your total score is calculated using the time you take to reach the bottom.

'Face plants'

Crashes won't end the game but hitting a bear, rock or local skier will seriously reduce your speed and damage Ace's reputation as coolest and fastest boarder around.

Good luck - let us know what you think of the game by clicking here....



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