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Winter Olympics 2002
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Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined
Ski Jumping
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 Jan Boklovís revolutionary "V-style" technique, which was calculated to add 28% more lift to his jump, was initially frowned upon at the 1988 Olympics and he was penalised for using it

There are three events in ski-jumping - the individual normal and large hill and the team large hill.

The normal hill is about 90 metres high while the large hill measures 120m. In both events, each athlete has two jumps and the competitor with the greatest total score is declared the winner.

The jumps are scored for distance and style.

In the four-man team event, each athlete takes two jumps. The team with the highest total score over the eight jumps is declared the winner.

The individual nordic combined competition consists of ski jumping from the normal hill and a 15-kilometre cross-country race.

Each competitor takes two jumps from the 90m hill with the two scores combined together.

The next day, the athletes contest a 15km cross-country race.

The start order is determined by the ski-jumping results, with the leader starting first and the others staggered behind.

The first person over the finish line is the winner.

The nordic combined sprint competition is composed of one jump from the 120m hill followed by a 7.5km cross-country race.

The four-man team competition involves one jump on the normal hill and a 4 x 5km cross-country relay race.

Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined

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