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Snowboarding Friday, 8 February, 2002, 09:30 GMT
McKenna ready to groove
Lesley McKenna speaks to BBC Sport Online about her Winter Olympics preparations
McKenna is going to give the opening ceremony a miss
British snowboarder Lesley McKenna tells BBC Sport Online she is raring to go at Salt Lake City on 10 February.

My event starts in just two days time and the excitement is building.

I've been putting in some last-minute practice and it has been going really well.

I have been riding the Olympic half-pipe at Park City and it was really good. It is the best I have ever been on and all the other athletes were having a good time too.

There is no tension in the air here - everyone seems pretty chilled.

A lot of people have been tipping me for a medal

McKenna on her chances
I have been having some physio because I've been feeling quite tired. I think it is because I have been doing so many media interviews!

But it's great that there is so much interest in my sport.

I still haven't decided what my run will be but I will not be doing any totally new tricks.

I do know which music I want played though.

I have decided on Groove Is In the Heart by Dee-lite because it is really cool and will really get the crowd going.

I'm also trying to get a Scottish bag-piper to play - it would make a cool difference from the cow-bells you normally hear!

The opening ceremony is happening on Friday but I'm giving it a miss. I want to have a chilled night instead of the excitement of the ceremony.

Obviously the pressure is on me now.

A lot of people have been tipping me for a medal but I'm not really aiming for one - I'd say I'm in the top 10-15 in the world.

I just want to have a good ride and really enjoy the experience.

But you never know in this sport. We'll just wait and see what happens.

Lesley McKenna
"I'm so ecstatic to be here"
Lesley McKenna

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