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Tuesday, 5 March, 2002, 17:27 GMT
Britain's positive tests
Diane Modahl
Modahl recently lost her claim for compensation
If a second test proves positive for Alain Baxter, he will join a growing list of British sportsmen and women whose careers have been tarnished by positive drugs tests.

Perhaps most famously Linford Christie was banned by the IOC for testing positive for nandrolone after an athletics meeting in Dortmund in 2000 - a charge he still vehemently denies.

He claims that food supplements were to blame for the excessive amounts of the performance-enhancing stimulant in his system.

And he even asserted that the tests were invalid because his samples had been repeatedly taken in and out of a fridge and even left in a car overnight.

But he still received a two-year ban - along with 400m hurdler Gary Cadogan and sprinter Dougie Walker - from the IAAF.

Around the same time promising 400m runner Mark Richardson pulled out of the British team for the Sydney Olympics because of an on-going row over his positive test.

Linford Christie
Christie claimed food supplements were reason
Richardson is back running now after a long battle to overturn his two-year ban for testing positive for nandrolene.

The 29-year-old was cleared by UK Athletics of using the drug in July 2000, allowing him to run in the UK.

But it took another 12 months before the International Amateur Athletics Federation lifted its ban.

Diane Modahl suffered an even longer battle with the authorities.

The middle distance runner tested positive for testosterone by a laboratory in Lisbon back in 1992.

She was banned for four years, but the suspension was lifted after a lengthy legal fight to clear her name ended with the Lisbon testing facilities being declared inadequate.

That was back in 1996, and since then Modahl has won bronze in the 1998 Commonwealth Games and competed in the Sydney Olympics.

However, Modahl's legal battle to claim damages from the former governing body, the British Athletics Federation (BAF), failed at the end of last year.

Life ban

Other British athletes have had run-ins with the drug testers.

Sprinter Jason Livingston served a four-year ban after testing positive for steroids, the case breaking during the 1992 Olympics.

Shot-putter Paul Edwards received a similar suspension in 1994 when he failed two separate tests.

He returned to competition but failed another test in 1999 and was banned for life.

Solomon Wariso, then British 200 metres champion, tested positive for ephedrine in 1994 and was suspended for three months.

Mark Tout
Mark Tout admitted taking a banned substance
He protested his innocence claiming he had taken a herbal remedy called 'Up Your Gas'.

The same year javelin thrower Colin Mackenzie was given a three-month ban after failing a test.

He insisted he had taken a pain-killer containing a banned substance.

British bobsleigher, Lenny Paul, meanwhile claimed his positive test was the result of eating too much spaghetti bolognese.

Paul's colleague Mark Tout returned to competition despite receiving a lifetime ban from the British Bobsleigh Association for testing positive for stanozolol.

After admitting taking the drug - the same used by Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson - his ban was turned into a four-year suspension which ended last year.

Alain Baxter loses his bronze medal for failing a drug test

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