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Features Monday, 25 February, 2002, 02:43 GMT
Highs and lows of 2002 Games
Canadian skating duo David Pelletier and Jamie Sale
Another photo? Jamie Sale just can't say no
BBC Sport Online's Alex Gubbay hands out his own awards at the end of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Best moment
Australian short track star Steven Bradbury taking 1,000m gold when every other skater fell on the final bend.

Worst moment
The fact that subjective judging still means the best don't come first in some Olympic sports.

Most predictable scandal
Security talk dominated the build-up, a Russian boycott threat livened things up towards the end, but sure enough, positive drug tests eventually stole the final headlines.

Biggest star
Sizeable Venezuelan luger Igina Boccalandro, who crashed worryingly in the luge, but was helped off to a rapturous reception.

Venezuelan luger Igina Boccalandro
Igina Boccalandro was a big hit in the luge
Rising star
Harry Potter was already a sensation, but he proved a ski-jumping wizard as well. Otherwise known as Simon Ammann from Switzerland, he took both individual titles in some style.

Most photographed faces
Canadian duo Jamie Sale and David Pelletier.

Most overlooked star
Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, who became the first biathlete to win all four golds in the discipline, and in doing so lead Norway to relay victory.

Most noble in defeat
Georg Hackl, who was pipped to a fourth Olympic luge title, by Armin Zoeggler. Hackl's tribute to the new champion: "He is the best. It's his time now."

Most tears
Many Americans in contention for this, but it has to be bobsleigh champion Vonetta Flowers, who blubbed furiously at her medal ceremony.

Best hair
Close call between Britain's Alain Baxter and Finnish snowboarder Heikki Sorsa.

Most quoted non-athlete
International Skating Union president Ottavio Cinquanta.

Most overused four words
'Light the fire within'.

Best thing about Salt Lake City
The mountains on the Wasatch Front provided a truly stunning setting for the Games.

Worst thing about Salt Lake City
The 18% gratuity charge added to every bill, and done so 'for your convenience'.

BBC Sport Online's Alex Gubbay

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