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Features Friday, 15 February, 2002, 02:21 GMT
Hot gossip from Salt Lake City
Ryan Wedding in action at Salt Lake City
Wedding has the perfect name for this time of year
BBC Sport Online's Anna Thompson stumbles across some interesting Salt Lake City facts.

  • We could not celebrate Valentine's Day without an Olympic flavour to it.

    And at Salt Lake City there are a number of competitors with names linked with lurve!

    American bobsledder Vonetta FLOWERS will be hoping her other-half buys her a bunch on this special day, while Canadian snowboarder Ryan WEDDING will have other things on his mind as he competes in the parallel giant slalom.

    Moldovan biathlete VALENTINA Ciurina is getting in the romantic mood. She was set to ring her boyfriend in St Petersburg to hint she wanted to get engaged.

    But the best is Bulgarian skier Angel PUMPALOV - it seems his girlfriend will be in for a treat tonight!

  • Would you doggone believe it?

    Less than a week into the Games and organisers have run out of hot dogs at the Olympic venues - meaning more than 400,000 have been consumed.

    It has caused such a huge problem that organisers have agreed spectators can bring in their own food - including hot dogs - until new provisions arrive.

  • Squeaky-clean Salt Lake City has had its work cut out to keep itself rubbish-free.

    In the wee small hours an army of refuse collectors on golf-cart sized litter vacuums roam the streets and sidewalks sucking up all the rubbish.

    That is after more than 60 workers roam the streets during the day with litter pickers.

    Anne Abernathy - the oldest female Olympic athlete.<P>
    Anne Abernathy is known as Grandma Luge
    Their fastidiousness stems from Mayor Rocky Anderson's orders to keep Salt Lake City spiffy, said Nikki Bown, spokeswoman for the city's public services department. The Olympics is expected to produce more than 44 times the normal amount of rubbish in downtown Salt Lake City.

    It's probably all those half-eaten hot-dogs!

  • Swiss ice hockey players Marcel Jenni and Reto von Arx went AWOL for 12 hours - and found themselves suspended by team bosses.

    The duo broke a team curfew when they left a team meeting at 7pm - and then did not return to the Olympic Village until 7am the next day.

    They were dropped for the game against Belarus.

    Although no-one knows what the pair got up to during their lost hours - coach Ralph Kruegre confirmed they had been suspended for "unsportsmanlike conduct".

  • She will never win a medal but Anne Abernathy has broken the record for being the oldest female Olympic athlete.

    The 48-year-old from the US Virgin Islands is competing in her fifth Olympics and Grandma Luge, as she is known, is enjoying it just as much as the first time.

    Although almost five seconds off the winning time - Abernathy did not finish last. She was 26th out of the 29 starters.

    Way to go grandma!

  • There has been a billboard battle at Salt Lake City - Mormon country where polygamy once ruled.

    When Utah's largest billboard company turned down his ad for Polygamy Porter beer - "Why Have Just One?" - Wasatch Brewery owner Greg Schirf didn't give up. Schirf took his business to another billboard company who ran the ad lampooning the state's history of polygamy.

    It gives a whole new meaning to the British sales pitch - buy one, get one free!

    BBC Sport Online's Anna Thompson

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