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Bobsleigh Wednesday, 6 February, 2002, 11:13 GMT
Adam's rollercoaster fear
GB men's bobsledder Marcus Adam explains to BBC Sport Online how he still has not conquered his phobia of rollercoasters.

Being a bobsledder, reaching speeds of more than 90mph on the track and whizzing around bends, you would think I'd be a big fan of all things fast.

But I hate rollercoasters. I can't even go on one of them at a theme park.

I think I handle the bobsleigh because as the brakeman I can keep my head down and do not have to look where I'm going.

The transition from track and field, where I am a 200m sprinter, to the bobsleigh has been surprisingly easy - apart from the temperatures!

I was becoming rather stale in track and field and doing bobsleigh has given me fresh impetus

Marcus Adam

The first time I went on a bobsleigh track, I had to race in temperatures of -25 degrees Celsius and, boy, was it cold!

I think the bobsleigh has been a godsend for my sprinting, if that makes sense.

I was becoming rather stale in track and field and doing bobsleigh has given me fresh impetus and different training techniques.

In fact, my times for the first 30-40m in the 200m have improved quite considerably.

I'm aiming to go back to the 200m after the Winter Olympics and I am hoping to qualify for the Commonwealth Games in the summer.

The men's bobsleigh squad only arrived recently in our holding camp in Calgary but the facilities are amazing. I wish we had similar ones back in Britain.

As yet we do not know who is going in the four-man, two-man or GB1 or GB2.

I think I'll be selected for the two-man team but we'll just have to wait and see.

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