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Today: Tuesday 15th January

The music retailer, HMV, has become the latest high street chain to go into administration - threatening thousands of jobs. Women at risk of developing breast cancer could soon be offered drugs on the NHS to reduce their chances of contracting the disease. We hear from the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. And also on the programme, why chimps have a sense of fair play.

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Business news with Simon Jack on news that HMV management have handed control of the company over to the accountants Deloitte.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.


The music, video and game retailer HMV collapsed into administration last night which means the accountants are in charge and the fate of 4,000 employees is very uncertain. Today business presenter Simon Jack and Maureen Hinton, a retail expert from Verdict Research, provide analysis.


When David Cameron makes his long-awaited Europe speech on Friday, it will be a seminal moment in his premiership. The BBC's political editor Nick Robinson has back to Bruges and examines what awaits Mr Cameron on the continent.

The French government has had strong backing from the UN security council for its attacks on Islamist militants in Mali. Nigel Inkster, director of transnational threats and political risk at the International Institute, explains who the militants are and the importance of the region.


New research suggests that chimpanzees act with a sense of fairness - a sense of what another chimp is likely to regard as right and wrong. Dr Darby Proctor, from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia, explained how they had set about testing this.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

New proposals from the medicines advisory body NICE could see women at high risk of developing breast cancer being given drugs to try to prevent the illness. Professor Gareth Evans, a consultant at St Mary's hospital who has led the work at NICE, explains the move, and Emma Parlons, who decided to have a double mastectomy, reflects on her personal experiences.

The paper review.

The Irish seldom need an excuse for a party, but the government there has decided the time has come to offer them one. The BBC's Andrew Martin reports that they are calling it The Gathering and hope that it will encourage people who have left Ireland in recent years because the economy fell off a cliff, to come home again.

Thought for the Day with the right Reverend James Jones, Bshop of Liverpool.


The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg talks to the Today programme's Justin Webb about Britain's position in the EU.


Troubled music and DVD retailer HMV, which began trading in 1921, has announced it is to appoint an administrator, putting about 4,350 jobs in jeopardy. The BBC business editor Robert Peston provides analysis.

The UN Security Council has backed France's intervention against Islamists in Mali, as Paris urges a quick deployment of thousands of African troops. Mark Doyle, the BBC's correspondent in Bamako, gives the mood from the city, Alexander Buchmann, Medecin Sans Frontieres emergency coordinator in Bamako, outlines that humanitarian situation in the region, and Dr Hamadoun Touré, the former information minister, explains that the Mali Government welcome support from France and Britain.


A collection of poems about the end of a marriage has won this year's TS Eliot poetry prize. The poet Sharon Olds explains that she wrote the poems decades ago but did not publish them.

Politicians have complained that they do battle with each other at general elections, then whoever wins does battle with the civil servants who are supposed to be there to help them. Nick Herbert, former minister for policing and criminal justice, sets out why he thinks it is time to come up with a new system for running the government.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Last month 20 children and six teachers were shot dead at a primary school in Connecticut and yesterday President Obama was handed recommendations on changes in America's policy towards gun control. The BBC's North America editor Mark Mardell reports on Mr Obama promise to pursue "sensible" gun control policies.

The Scots are voting for or against independence in a referendum in the autumn. Wales will be watching very closely. Carwyn Jones, the Labour First Minister of Wales, says whether there is there any great appetite for following where the Scots have led.

After more than a decade of denying that he doped to win the Tour de France seven times, Lance Armstrong will be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey on Monday. Its been trumpeted as a "no-holds barred," 90-minute, question-and-answer session. Jonathan Aitken, the former Conservative MP who confessed telling a lie on oath in a libel action, and Father Stephen Wang, is a Catholic priest who hears others confessions, discuss the power of confessions.

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