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Today: Friday 11th January

It is 14 years since Charlie Scott was born and it is only now that his family have received compensation for the mistakes made during his birth which left him severely brain-damaged. A report detailing hundreds of allegations of sexual assault made against Jimmy Savile over four decades will be published today. Out on the firing range, testing the British Army's first standard-issue pistol for forty years.

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Business news with Simon Jack on news that on Wednesday the FTSE 100 index of leading shares hit its highest level since May 2008, and the Today programme's Friday Boss is designer Rob Law, managing director of Magmatic.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

French police are hunting the killers of three Kurdish women activists found shot dead in Paris yesterday. The BBC's correspondent Christian Fraser reports from Paris, and Tehran correspondent James Yeynolds gives the mood from Istanbul.

BBC News has learned that the information watchdog is investigating whether the UK Border Agency broke data protection laws after it contacted people telling them in error that they were illegal immigrants who must leave the country. Alison Harvey, general secretary of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association, explains that that she feel the number of cases that have been reported around this are the tip of the iceberg.

Business news with Simon Jack.


Mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington has resigned from a charity after plans to build a zip wire across the fells of the Lake District were rejected. He outlines why he supports the proposals for Honister Slate Mine and why the Friends of the Lake District, of which he was vice president, are against the scheme.

British forces are to be given a new standard issue pistol for the first time in more than forty years. The BBC's defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt has been to see the Glock pistol being fired by troops at Woolwich Barracks.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

A report detailing hundreds of allegations of sexual assault made against Jimmy Savile over four decades will be published today. Liz Dux, who isheading up a team of lawyers dealing with abuse cases arising from the recent news coverage around Jimmy Savile, gives analysis.

The paper review.


The Venezuelan military and the supreme court have followed legislators in backing the postponement of the inauguration of the country's ailing president, Hugo Chávez, despite warnings from the opposition of a destabilising "constitutional coup". The BBC's Allan Little reflects on Chavez's position and the mood from Caracas.

Thought for the Day with the Reverend Dr Giles Fraser.

Belfast is a city that has been transformed by the economic investment that flowed following the peace process, but does the recent violence suggest that many people have been left behind by that transformation? Dan Gordon, actor, director and playwright, and Tom Gillen, former trade unionist and served on the Northern Ireland Economic Council, discuss society in Northern Ireland.


It is fourteen years since Charlie Scott was born and it is only now that his family have received compensation for the mistakes made during his birth which left him severely brain-damaged. Clare Scott, Charlie's mother, says that this has been a long and draining ordeal, and Christine Tomkins chief executive of the Medical Defence Union, who insure private doctors against negligence claims, explains that legal claims are spiralling out of control and if the trend continues, they will bankrupt the NHS.


Americans have been expressing their dismay at Jack Lew's 'ridiculous' signature, which is likely to end up on newly printed dollar bills. Emma Bache, a graphologist, explains that he should not change his signature as its so a personal statement.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.

UN-Arab League Joint Special Envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, is expected to meet Russian and US diplomats in Geneva to talk about the situation in Syria. Khaled Erksoussi, head of operations for the Red Crescent in Syria, warns that the winter cold is now killing Syrians who are in need of aid, and Salman Shaikh, director of the Brookings Doha Centre, explains that Assad thinks he can still win.

Have old-fashioned football clichés that we used to laugh at been replaced by new ones in the age of Twitter? Adam Hurrey, a football cliché blogger and has 20,000 followers on his football clichés twitter account, and Jane Lewis, a football broadcaster based in Scotland, examine the new phrases that are being used.


The Today programme's business presenter Simon Jack investigates the future of the of the flat screen television market.

This week drones returned to the headlines as several militants have been killed in North West Pakistan, including the influential Mullah Nazir. Joshua Foust, former adviser to the US Army in Afghanistan and is now a fellow at the American Security Project, and Congressman Adam Smith, member of the House Armed Services Committee, give analysis of the use of the unmanned aircraft.

Yesterday the Today programme heard that as much as half of the world's food, amounting to 2bn tonnes worth, is wasted. Dr Jonathan Rowson, director of the Social Brain Centre of the RSA, and professor Angie Hobbs, professor of the public understanding of philosophy at the Sheffield University, discuss why we make irrational decisions about when and what we consume.

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