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MOD must make 'better decisions'

Major defence projects are still over-budget and hit by delays, despite promises by the government to get a grip on spending, the National Audit Office has warned.

A review found that overall costs had risen by more than £6.5bn since the biggest programmes were approved and delivery dates had been pushed back.

The director of the the National Audit Office and author of the report, Tim Banfield, said that although defence projects were big and complex the Ministry of Defence could do more to prevent many of its procurement problems.

The MoD needed to start making better decisions about when it invests and to gather better information about costs and risks, and to introduce realistic timescales to ensure "that there's much less turbulence as they go forward", he told Today presenter Sarah Montague.

"The one thing we want from the MoD is to be able to see consistency and certainty," Mr Banfield added.

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