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Page last updated at 11:08 GMT, Saturday, 5 January 2013

Archdeacon Russell: 'The church is not obsessed with sex'


The Church of England is to end a moratorium on gay clergy becoming bishops.

The Church's House of Bishops will allow clergy in civil partnerships to be appointed as bishops if they promise to be celibate.

On BBC Radio 4's Today programme, questions were raised about whether people may think the church is obsessed with sex.

Norman Russell, Archdeacon of Berkshire, says "there's certainly no problem with people being celibate gay men, the issue is the nature of civil partnerships."

Peter Selby, former Bishop of Worcester, says "it's really sad that we all agree that there shouldn't be any different criteria for priests and bishops, and yet every time an issue comes up, we manage somehow to act against our common belief - we did it about the ordination of women."

He adds: "you've got to change the culture, that's what it's really about."

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