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Today: Saturday 22nd December

Claims have been made this week that the account of former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell using the word pleb were falsified by police officers. The Crown Prosecution Service has issued new guidelines on the use of joint enterprise, in which people can be convicted of a crime even if there is not direct evidence of their involvement. And The Secret Footballer, who writes covertly for The Guardian, gives an account of a Premier League player's Christmas.

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Mario Monti has resigned as president of Italy. David Willey talks about Italy's options.

There has been flooding in many parts of the UK, with reports coming in from Cornwall this morning. BBC Cornwall's Eleanor Parkinson joins the Today programme from Helston.

The Crown Prosecution Service has issued guidelines about the use of "joint enterprise", under which people can be convicted of a crime even if there is not evidence of their direct involvement. Lorraine Fraser, who's son was stabbed and killed by a gang of youths in Leeds; and Gloria Morrison from the Joint Enterprise - Not Guilty Be Association discuss the guidelines.

With no end in sight to Syria's civil war, security correspondent Frank Gardner assesses the many security challenges facing the country if the regime should fall.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

Egyptians are voting in the second round of the referendum on a new constitution which has caused demonstrations against the President Morsi. Sondos Asem speaks for the Freedom and Justice Party, which is linked to President Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood.


In the final part of Lynne Truss's guide on how to deal with unwanted round robin Christmas letters, she takes the direct approach to stopping them.

The newspaper review.

Victoria Wood has written a film on BBC1 tomorrow night about Joyce Hatto, a classical pianist of great fame who turned out to be a fraud. James Inverne, the former editor of Gramaphone magazine which exposed the fraud, and music critic Lewis Foreman discuss her career.

Thought For The Day with the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams.


Councils in England will have to make 1.7% cuts to their budgets next year. Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, and Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs Mark Littlewood debate the cuts.

Alison Saunders, chief crown prosecutor for London, talks about the circumstances in which the doctrine of "joint enterprise" can be used to charge people for a crime in which they may not be directly involved.

Francois Hollande's visited Algeria this week on the 50th anniversary of their independence from France, Dr Berny Sebe, lecturer in post-colonial studies at Birmingham University and Danny Srikandarajah, Director of the Royal Commonwealth Society discuss how France's post colonial experience differs from that of Britain's.

Political correspondent Robin Brant talks about Lady Thatcher, who is in hospital after an operation to remove a growth on her bladder.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard

In light of recent events surrounding the claim that Metropolitan Police officers falsified an account of Andrew Mitchell using the word pleb, Former Labour Home Secretary Blunkett and Hugh Orde, President of the Association of Chief Police Officers debate trust issues in the police force.

The newspaper review

The Indian government has announced a series of security measures which it says will make the streets of Delhi safer. The novelist Arundhati Roy is in Delhi and he talks about the extent of crime that goes unreported in India.


There's a regular column in The Guardian newspaper written by someone who calls himself The Secret Footballer, a player who covertly writes about his life in the game. He joined the Today programme for an interview about a Premier League player's Christmas.

After a former Army doctor was struck off this week for failing to report the injuries of a man who died in custody, former Army lawyer the Rev Nicholas Mercer and former Head of the Army Lord Dannatt discuss the case.

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