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Page last updated at 09:52 GMT, Thursday, 6 December 2012

Is there a war on our roads?


On Wednesday night, BBC One broadcast The War on Britain's Roads - a controversial documentary showing the difficult and often dangerous relationship between cyclists and motorists in modern Britain.

Speaking to Today presenter Sarah Montague, Michael Hutchinson, a writer and former British racing cyclist and Jan Etherington, journalist and comedy writer, discussed the relationship between cyclists and motorists.

Mrs Etherington explained, "it's not the mode of transport it's the people."

Cyclists find "their inner gladiator... they put on their Lycra and go out to war", she added.

"Cycling is not a dangerous thing to do" Mr Hutchinson said.

"I'm not going to win a battle with a 40 tonne truck."

"This isn't a war between cyclist and motorists, it's a war between idiots and the rest of us."

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