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Today: Tuesday 4th December

The chief nursing officer for England is launching a campaign to promote compassion in the health service. President Obama has warned the Syrian regime not to use chemical weapons against its own people. With a lengthening queue of heirs to the throne, will we ever have a young monarch again? And also on the programme, is the reference to God about to disappear from the Scouts' promise?

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Business news with Simon Jack on news that George Osborne is expected to announce a successor to the Private Finance Initiative tomorrow.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

The nation's top nurses will today launch a new drive to ensure values such as compassion and courage are at the heart of the NHS and the public health and care sectors. Peter Crome, emeritus professor of geriatric medicine at Keele University, explains how the standard of nursing care in our hospitals needs to be improved.

Newspaper proprietors and editors will be meeting with the prime minister today, but what can they come up with to show that Lord Justice Leveson's recommendation for a new law is not needed? Steve Hewlett, the editor of the BBC's media show, and Chris Blackhurst, the editor of the Independent, discuss possible tactics.

Business news with Simon Jack.


Last night's UK premier of Ang Lee's new film Life of Pi could mark a new era for 3D film making. The Today programme's Nicola Stanbridge spoke to the director about the future of cinema.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.


There have been number of signs of how rapidly the security situation in Syria is deteriorating, and the concerns this is causing the country's neighbours. James Reynolds reports from the Turkish city of Antakya, near the Syrian border, and Rime Allaf, Syrian commentator, examines the international consensus on Syria.

The paper review.

There was a riot outside Belfast City Hall last night in which at least five police officers were injured. Gregory Campbell, DUP MP for East Londonderry and a member of the NI Assembly, explains that it was prompted by a decision to limit the number of days on which City Hall will fly the Union flag.

Thought for the Day with Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic Studies, New College, University of Edinburgh.


The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, and is in hospital with morning sickness. Robert Hardman, Daily Mail writer and author of Our Queen, and Kate Williams, historian and author, discuss, with three generations potentially now in line to the throne, if this will ever again be a country with a young monarch?


Today the nation's top nurses will launch a new drive to ensure values such as compassion and courage are at the heart of the NHS and the public health and care sectors. Sharon Kane and Jane Cummings, the chief nursing officer for England, discuss whether changes to the NHS are necessary.


The Private Finance Initiative or PFI is to become more public and less private. Robert Peston, the BBC's business editor, explains that the chancellor is changing the rules of such projects to give the public sector a greater stake.

Atheists could be welcomed into the Scout movement for the first time in 105 years. Wayne Bulpitt, UK chief commissioner for the Scouts, outlines why he is supportive of the change.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.


The chancellor will make his Autumn Statement on Wednesday, with the aim of getting the deficit down and growth up. Today programme presenter Evan Davis analyses just how much spare capacity there is in the UK economy.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Environment ministers meet today for the annual climate change talks, being held this year in the world's gas capital, Qatar. John Ashton, former climate change envoy to three consecutive foreign secretaries, explains what will be on the agenda.

The composer Michael Berkeley, whose work has featured at the Proms, suffered severe loss of hearing after contracting a virus two years ago. He explains that he has been speaking to other musicians who have lost their hearing, for a programme this afternoon on Radio 4.

The European Women's Lobby (an umbrella group for NGO's) says that prostitution is a form of violence against women, an obstacle to equality and a violation of human rights and dignity, and is calling for a Europe free from prostitution. Pierrette Pape, policy officer from the European Women's Lobby, and Niki Adams, spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes, discuss prostitution in the UK.

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