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Today: Tuesday 27th November

Councils in England are to be ranked on the performance of their schools. Eurozone finance ministers have reached a deal on releasing more bailout money for Greece. Canadian Mark Carney has been appointed as Mervin King's replacement as the governor of the Bank of England. And also on the programme, Britain's role in the violence in the Congo.

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Business news with Simon Jack on news that Bank of Canada governor Mark Carney has been made the next governor of the Bank of England by George Osborne.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.

Eurozone finance ministers and the IMF reach an agreement on an urgently needed bailout for debt-laden Greece. The BBC's Gavin Hewitt outlines the terms of the agreement.

Ofsted's annual report will name and shame not just individual schools but also local authorities where school standards are comparatively low. David Dymond, who chairs the children and young people's board for the Local Government Association, explains that we should not just look at local authorities to get a picture on performance.


Business news with Simon Jack.


Eight years after he died, Yasser Arafat is being dug up today after rumours that the Palestinian leader was murdered. Dr Stuart Hamilton, a forensic pathologist who has himself exhumed graves, explains what scientists will be looking for.

A new technique known as optogenetics that involves using light to stimulate neural activity in the brain is lighting up the field of neuroscience. The Today programme's science correspondent Tom Feilden examines how the technology works.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.


Canadian finance is in the spotlight following the appointment of Mark Carney, the boss of their central bank, to take over at the Bank of England. The BBC's business editor Robert Peston and Rachel Lomax, a former deputy governor of the Bank of England, analyse what to expect from Mr Carney.

The paper review.

Former US Olympic gold medallist and seven-time Tour de France rider, Tyler Hamilton, and acclaimed writer Daniel Coyle have won this year's William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award for The Secret Race, an expose of the culture of doping in professional cycling. Mr Hamilton explains his motivation for writing the book.

Thought for the Day with Mona Siddiqui, professor of Islamic studies, New College, University of Edinburgh.


Eurozone finance ministers and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have reached a deal on an urgently needed bailout for debt-laden Greece. Gerard Lyons, chief economist of Standard Chartered, and Constantine Michalos, president of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and president of the Union of Greek Business, outline what to expect from the agreement.


For the first time there will be an Ofsted league table of schooling standards in Local Authorities and they also announce the creation of eight new regional directors to inspect and monitor progress at a local level. Sir Michael Wilshaw, who is presenting his first annual report and previously head teacher at the Mossborn Academy in London, explains what the reports hope to achieve.


Why do many British acts sing in an American accent? Matilda Egere Cooper, music journalist, and Scottish musician Pat Kane analyse the apparent trend.

Sports news with Chris Dennis.


The African Union will consider the deployment of an international force in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after regional leaders met at the weekend to urge M23 rebels to end their military offensive and withdraw from Goma, an official said on Monday. Lord Malloch-Brown, former foreign and Commonwealth office minister, explains the UK's stance in the situation.


Flooding is causing terrible problems in parts of the UK. The BBC's Hywel Griffiths reports from St Asaph in north Wales.

The head of the Metropolitan police's E crimes unit has expressed her frustration at the sentences being given to convicted "hacktivist" computer hackers. The BBC's Simon Cox outlines how he has been trying to track down the hackers attacking the websites of companies, governments and even the police.

Business news with Simon Jack.

The UK is the sixth highest performing nation in a comparison of educational achievement in 40 developed countries. Sir Michael Barber chief education advisor to Pearson, explains the whether the UK should be aiming to rank higher.


Be it sport, the economy or politics, the last few days have been phenomenal for the UK's former colonies when it comes to proving their worth at times of need. Professor Margaret MacMillan, a historian at Oxford University and a Canadian, and Kathy Lette, an Australian author, discuss whether it is time to celebrate the colonial relationship anew.

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