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Page last updated at 07:08 GMT, Saturday, 24 November 2012
Today: Saturday 24th November

As more stormy weather is forecast for the weekend, just how ready are our flood defences? Also on the programme: a council has removed three children from their foster parents because the couple are member of UKIP, and officials in Egypt say that more than 100 people have been injured in clashes following President Mursi's decision to assume sweeping new powers.

We are no longer providing clips of every part of the programme but you will be able to listen via the BBC iPlayer .

A couple from Yorkshire say that three foster children were removed from their care because they were members of UKIP and Rotherham social services considered some of their views unacceptable. The BBC's Kevin Keane reports.

Anger erupted across Egypt yesterday at President Morsi and his party over the exceptional self-granted powers he gave himself. Cairo blogger Amr Gharbeia was there yesterday, and the BBC's Jon Leyne was there.

The UK Youth Parliament convened in Westminster yesterday. The BBC's Mark D'Arcy reports on the 300-strong crowd.

The death of Larry Hagman, best known for playing JR in Dallas, was announced overnight. The BBC's Peter Bowes is in Los Angeles.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.


A couple from South Yorkshire have had children removed from their care as foster parents because of their membership of the UK. UKIP leader Nigel Farage joins the programme.

The BBC's Kevin Connolly paid a series of visits to the much-rocketed town of Beersheba in Gaza over the course of the week to collect impressions as the ceasefire began to take hold.

A look at today's newspapers.


Fifty years ago tonight That Was The Week That Was brought political satire to the masses on BBC television. Nicola Stanbridge reports on new research that has uncovered complaints lodged with the BBC.

Thought for the Day with Vishvapani.

As India continues to grow so quickly, how is it dealing with the rich-poor divide, corruption, and modernisation? Commentator Mark Tully and business historian Gita Priamal speak from the country.

As heavy rain is forecast for many parts of the country this weekend, flood risk manager Peter Fox from the environment agency has the latest.


Over the last four years an estimated 10,000 mainly Eritrean refugees have been kidnapped by people traffickers, largely based in Egypt's Sinai region. Most disappear on the way to seek a better life in Israel. The BBC's Mike Thomson reports, and Tulberg University's Mirjam van Reisen speaks from the Netherlands.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.


Rotherham social services are being accused by a couple of removing three foster children from their care because the council disapproved of their membership of UKIP. The strategic director of children and young people's services at Rotherham Council, Joyce Thacker, comments.

The BBC's Nick Robinson reports on the progress of the European budget.

A look at today's newspapers.


What happens to India's poor as the country gets richer? Earlier this week, the Today programme's James Naughtie was in Delhi.

A coded message send during WWII and recently found on a dead pigeon. It has stumped GCHQ, but yesterday we asked for your help. Former WWII code-breaker Mary Ratcliff and Cambridge University's Dr James Grime discuss the conundrum.

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