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Page last updated at 06:41 GMT, Tuesday, 16 October 2012 07:41 UK

Star planet PH1 is first with 'four suns in the sky'


Amateur astronomers have discovered a remarkable planet 5,000 light years away - remarkable because it is in a four-star system.

It orbits one pair of stars and has another pair orbiting around it.

The planet - with the prosaic name of PH1 - is the first with four stars ever to be found.

Dr Chris Lintott, an astronomer at Oxford University, was part of the team at that found it.

Speaking to the Today programme, he said: "It's truly unique as a planet. Neptune-sized, no solid surface for you to stand on, a little warm - probably about 400 degrees. But what's remarkable is its skies, it would have four suns in the sky.

"We've found planets before around one or two stars, this is the first around a four-star system and forces us to go back to the drawing board, scratch our heads, and try and understand how it could have formed."

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