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Today: Monday 1st October

Big changes to the pension system come into play today as "auto-enrollment" begins for many. We look at how Syria's rich cultural heritage is threatened by the conflict there. And Europe's golfers have achieved a stunning victory in the Ryder Cup. Evan Davis is broadcasting live from Manchester at the Labour Party conference this morning and Justin Webb from the studio in London.

We are no longer providing clips of every part of the programme but you will be able to listen via the BBC iPlayer .

Business news with Simon Jack.


Evan Davis investigates how unified the Labour Party is.

From today, the government's new pension scheme will begin, which will auto-enrol people in pensions unless they opt out. Alison O'Connell from the Pensions Policy Institute discusses the change.

Business update with Simon Jack.


A project to catalogue all publicly-owned oil paintings in the UK is nearing completion. Andrew Ellis, Director of the Public Catalogue Foundation, reveals what hidden gems have been found.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.


A 14th Century market in the Syrian city of Allepo has been destroyed, but how important are cultural and traditional sites in keeping communities together? Emma Cunliffe from the Department of Archaeology at Durham University gives her view.

A look at the morning's newspapers.


From today you will no longer need a licence if you want to stage live music. Arts Correspondent David Sillito reports on the questions this new rule has raised.

Thought for the Day with The Right Reverend Graham James, Bishop of Norwich.


Ed Balls speaks to Evan Davis in Manchester ahead of his speech at the Labour Party conference.


A scheme that will auto-enrol people into a pension, unless they opt-out, will begin today. Paul Lewis from Moneybox has the figures on the project, and the pensions minister Steve Webb discusses the plan.

Political Editor Nick Robinson with a look-ahead to today's events at the Labour Party Conference.

South Korean pop star Psy is the first Korean musician to reach the number one spot in the UK charts. His catchy, off-beat song - along with its trademark 'horse-riding dance' - and Korean rapping has become hugely popular in Europe and the United States - it's the most "liked" video in the short history of youtube. Lucy Williamson reports.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

The security company G4S was sent warnings not to employ an armed guard in Iraq just days before he murdered two colleagues. The BBC's Samantha Poling has the story.


A new report by the campaign group Inquest reveals that authorities are failing to learn lessons about deaths in custody. Deborah Cole, co-director Inquest, discusses the report.

Business update with Simon Jack.


Nine-year-old school dinners blogger Martha Payne has gone to Malawi to see how the money she's raised for charity is being spent. Laura Bicker reports.


Blogger Sunny Hundal and the Fabian Society's Andrew Harrop debate how united the Labour party is.

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