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Today: Friday 7th September

Global markets have rallied as investors cheer a package of measures from the European Central Bank designed to ease Europe's debt crisis and secure the future of the euro currency. French police investigating the murder of a British family hope to speak soon to a four-year-old girl who survived the attack. Also today, Classic FM at 20 - bland or a breath of fresh air?

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Business news with Simon Jack. Eurozone shares hit a five-month high yesterday as investors cheered a package of measures from the European Central Bank designed to ease Europe's debt crisis and secure the future of the euro currency.

Stock markets and bond markets around the world have reacted positively to a plan by the European Central Bank to save the euro. Economics editor Stephanie Flanders reports.

Monastic life on the Isle of Wight


A Benedictine monastery on the Isle of Wight, Quarr Abbey, is offering an internship sharing the monks' disciplined routine of work, worship and contemplation, claiming it can give participants lasting, practical advantages in their careers. The BBC's Robert Pigott has been to the Abbey to assess the benefits of two months in its cloisters.

Business news with Simon Jack.


The Green Party's new leader Natalie Bennett speaks to Sarah Montague. She was elected at the start of the week and will be speaking to the party faithful at their conference in Bristol today.

Sport news with Jonathan Legard.

Barack Obama has formally accepted the nomination of his party to run for a second term as President of the United States. The BBC's Mark Mardell reports.

The paper review.


Classic FM turns 20 today, so what can be made of it after two decades? Ralph Bernard, chairman of Classic FM and co-founder of the station, and the critic and journalist Norman Lebrecht, discuss.

Thought for the day with Rhidian Brook, the writer.


Andy Martin reports from the Shankill estate in West Belfast to gauge the strength of the Ulster Volunteer Force. One of the men who secretly mediated with them 20 years ago, explains how he has been contacted by them to see if he can bring peace again.


The European Central Bank is promising to buy bonds from indebted government in the eurozone, under strict conditions, to try to stabilise the currency. Peter Spiegel, Brussels bureau chief of the Financial Times, and former chancellor Lord Lamont, give their thoughts on how these latest measures will affect the future of the eurozone.

Investigators in France have been giving more details of yesterday's shootings at a beauty spot near Annecy in the Alps, including the information that three of the four of those killed were shot in the head. Imogen Foulkes reports from Annecy.


Panorama on BBC One tonight looks at excessive drinking among the older generation. Joan Bakewell, who has put together tonight's Panorama, explains the issue.

Sport news with Jonathan Legard.


How did President Obama perform in his acceptance speech last night to be his party's candidate? The pollster Stan Greenberg, who is on the Democrat side of the argument, and the commentator David Frum, who is a former speechwriter for George W Bush, debate.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Nato's ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir Simon Gass, who leaves his post today after 18 months, gives his view on whether, after the withdrawal date of 2014 for Nato troops is reached, Afghanistan will be a stable country.

Jonnie Peacock, won gold in the T44 100 metres at the Paralympics last night, pushing Oscar Pistorius out of the medals, finishing in 10.9 seconds. But how fast will paralympic athletes be able to go in the future? Dr David James, sports engineer at the Sheffield Hallam University, gives his prediction.

A couple of years ago the German magazine Brigitte made much of a decision not to use professional models, saying it would use "real people" instead, but yesterday it reversed that policy. Susie Orbach, psychotherapist and co-founder of Campaign for Real Beauty, and Marie O'Riordan, former editor of Marie Claire, debate the portrayal of women in fashion.

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