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Today: Monday 6th August

A robotic spacecraft, the size of a small car, is due to land on Mars this morning, to look for signs of past life on the red planet. Egypt has closed the main border crossing with Gaza after gunmen killed sixteen guards in an attempt to get into Israel. And also on today's programme, one year on from the riots in English cities, what has been done to stop the disorder from happening again?

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Business news with Simon Jack: Is a "psychological break-up" of Europe underway?

Scientists have gathered to watch, via a link-up to the US, the landing of Nasa's rover on Mars. Science editor David Shukman reports from the Natural History Museum in London on what the scientists are saying.

Chris Bartley, who collapsed after coming silver in the rowing lightweight men's four, and Dr Dominic Micklewright, a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Essex, discuss how much athletes put their bodies to the extreme test to win a medal.

Business news with Simon Jack.


Prison sentences totalling almost 2,000 years have been handed out to rioters following the disorder which began exactly a year ago. Correspondent Phil Mackie reports from Birmingham, a city which saw some of the worst violence in last year's riots, where he has been speaking to some of those who were prosecuted for taking part.

Sport news with Garry Richardson, live from the Olympic Park.


A number of Syrian government troops, perhaps up to 20,000, are gathered around the city of Aleppo, reports suggest. Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen reports on the continuing battle for control.

The paper review.

Everything from a 9.63-second 100 metres to six Great British gold medals on one day, the weekend at the Olympics has been quite eventful. Sports editor David Bond and top sprint coach Margot Wells reflect on the past couple of days at the Olympic Games.

Thought for the day with the Reverend Professor David Wilkinson, Principal of St John's College, Durham University.


It is a year since the beginning of the worst rioting seen in England in more than a generation. Sharon Grant, widow of Bernie Grant, former MP for Tottenham, and Kent Chief Constable Ian Learmonth, Acpo lead for public order and safety, debate what has been done to prevent the riots from happening again.


Nasa is landing its one-tonne Curiosity rover on the Red Planet to study the possibility that this world may once have hosted microbial life. Nasa scientist Mitch Schulte and John Zarnecki, professor of space sciences at the Open university, discuss how it will help the understanding of whether there was ever life on Mars.

Matthew Syed, journalist and former England table tennis player, and Andrew Hunt, chef de mission for Team GB, discuss the huge weekend of success for British athletes.

Fighting appears to have intensified in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo. Kim Sengupta, of the Independent, discusses what the situation is from inside Syria itself.

Sport news with Garry Richardson, live from the Olympic Park.


The Mayor of London has been attending events around the Olympic Games. Boris Johnson discusses whether it has been run without too many problems also reflects on the year anniversary of the riots in English cities.

Business news with Simon Jack.


There may be wider effects of fasting beyond changes in weight, specifically on brain cells, researchers in Baltimore, in partnership with the University of Manchester, have discovered. Prof Mark Mattson, a neuroscientist in Baltimore, discusses the effects of fasting on the body and brain. Michael Mosley, who is presenting a Horizon report on BBC Two about the subject, talks about his experiences.

What will the legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games be? Moira Swinbank, chief executive of Legacy UK, and Matthew Taylor, chief executive of the Royal Society of the Arts, discuss whether the Games must go on beyond 2012.

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