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Today: Saturday 4th August

Police in England and Wales have called for clear guidance on abuse on Twitter following the arrest of a 17 year old for comments he made to diver Tom Daley. The question of what motivates an honour killing is highlighted after parents of Shafilea Ahmed were found guilty of murder. And with 22 medals and eight golds, has Team GB peaked?

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The Russians have said the vote passed by the United Nations security council yesterday has undermined efforts to find a peaceful way out of the crisis in Syria. The BBC correspondent Barbara Plett is at the UN to explain.

Competitors in the London 2012 Games are getting ready for 'Super Saturday'. British athletes already added three gold medals to their tally of medals yesterday, ranking them fourth in the medals table. Today, on the eighth day of the games, they'll be setting their sights on gold in rowing, cycling, athletics and triathlon. The BBC's sport correspondent Andy Swiss assesses the chances of success over the coming days.

More than 600 million people were affected by two days of power cuts in India earlier this week which hit 20 out of 28 of the country's states. How far could India's potential for growth be hampered by a lack of infrastructure? Karan Bilimoria, entrepreneur and Chairman of Cobra Beer, explains.

Senior Liberal Democrats have warned they will not accept any further compromise on plans to reform the House of Lords. It is understood David Cameron will make a statement next week. The Liberal Democrats have championed plans to reduce the number of peers, as well as have eighty per cent of them elected. The BBC's political correspondent Tim Reed reports.

The French parliament has this week adopted a new law on sexual harassment replacing one that had been on the books for 10 years. The new law will include any inappropriate behaviour aimed at "obtaining" a sexual act inside or outside the workplace. It has been hailed a significant step by women's rights groups in France, and viewed as reflective of the greater visibility given to sexual harassment cases since the arrest of the former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn last year. From Paris, the BBC's correspondent Christian Fraser reports.

Sport news with Garry Richardson

There could be two reasons for Jamaicans to celebrate over the coming days: they will be hoping their compatriot Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, will win the 100m final at the London Olympics on Sunday. And on Monday, Jamaica will begin celebrating fifty years of independence. Patsy Robertson, a former diplomat with the Jamaica government and Ben Cunningham, Chair of Jamaican Diaspora UK, discuss the achievements of the country since the 60s.

The paper review.

The word "legacy" in the same breath as the Olympics has, arguably, been used too many times over the last few years. So with the games now here, how do people in east London think their area is changing? It is, after all, a historic part of Britain known for everything from its docks to its resilience in the blitz, to its diverse mix of people. The Today programme's reporter, Nicola Stanbridge investigates.

Thought for the Day with Reverend Rob Marshall.

Police in England and Wales this week called for clear guidance on when they should be investigating abuse on twitter. It followed the decision by Dorset Police to arrest a 17 year old for comments he made to Tom Daley. Steve Evans from the Police Federation joins the debate.

The parents of Shafilea Ahmed were found guilty yesterday of the murder of their 17 year old daughter and sentenced to life in prison. The prosecution claimed Shafilea was murdered because her parents believed she had brought shame on their family. But how much do we know about concepts such as 'honour' and 'shame' which apparently motivate honour killings? Pragna Patel, director of Southall Black Sisters, and Shaz Manir, director of Amirah Foundation debate the issue.

For people who don't think that the Olympics are the best thing to happen to this country, these are difficult days. The Today programme's reporter, Andrew Hosken, asks some of them about how they are coping.

Shares in the trading firm Knight Capital plummeted this week after an IT computer glitch. The company said that a faulty upgrade to its trading software had caused numerous erroneous trades to be sent, leading to trading losses of $440m (£283m). Tom Cheesewright, software engineer and author of Book of the Future, explains.

Sport news with Garry Richardson

The head of the UK's Olympic team, Lord Moynihan, this week called for an overhaul of the school sports system to try and remedy the lack of representation of state-school educated pupils at the top of British sport. More than 50% of gold medals in Beijing were won by privately educated athletes, but only 7% of children in the UK are educated at independent schools. Steve Backley, who has won three Olympic medals in javelin for Great Britain and was educated in a state school, and Baroness Sue Campbell, chair of UK Sport & Chair of Youth Sport Trust, join the debate.

A coach complained that the crowd at Dorney Lake for the Australian women's rowing team was so noisy it was hard to hear calls inside the boat. Author Lynne Truss gives her take on a rather loud London 2012.

The paper review.

The mother of the man shot dead last August by police in London, whose killing sparked off days of riots across England, says she's still no closer to knowing the truth about how her son died. Mark Duggan was killed when his taxi was intercepted by armed police investigating gun-crime in north London. The BBC's correspondent Mike Lanchin has been speaking to Mr Duggan's mother Pam.

Coverage of the Olympics has dominated the press during the first week of the games. A few days ago things looked bleak for Team GB but their fortunes have turned around with a leap in the medal table taking them to fourth place at the start of the eighth day, on 22 medals with 8 golds. But has Team GB peaked? The BBC's correspondent David Bond and Dylan Martinez, Reuters UK & Ireland chief photographer, discuss the chances.


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