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Today: Thursday 2nd August

The European Central Bank is meeting today to decide how to curb Spain and Italy's borrowing costs. There has been a surge in the numbers of anti-depressants being prescribed in the UK, according to the NHS. And also on today's programme, who are the people the London Mayor calls the Olympo-Gloomsters?

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Business news with Dominic Laurie: Will there be decisive moves from the European Central Bank when it meets later today?


President Vladimir Putin of Russia is going to London to watch the judo at the Olympics and to meet Prime Minister David Cameron. Executive director of the Russo-British Chambers of Commerce Stephen Dalziel discusses UK relations with Russia and whether the Syria conflict and human rights in Russia will be talked about.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

Many Londoners have heeded the advice to avoid travelling to central London and stayed away, research group Experian says. Nicola Stanbridge speaks to Dutch supporters camped in East London about whether visitors seem to be more interested in sporting rather than tourist attractions.


Remand prisoners, who have not been convicted or sentenced by a court, are treated worse than sentenced prisoners, the Chief Inspector of Prisons Nick Hardwick says. He discusses the review which shows this treatment leading to suicide risk, drug addiction and mental health problems.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet, live from the Olympic park.


There were 46.7m prescriptions dispensed last year for anti-depressants and sleeping pills in England, the NHS says. Home editor Mark Easton reports on the details behind the figures and Prof Clare Gerada, of the Royal College of General Practitioners, gives her thoughts on whether this is a sign of an unhappy nation.

The paper review.

Praise has poured in for cyclist Bradley Wiggins and rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning after they scooped Britain's first gold medals of 2012. Sport editor David Bond looks back at yesterday's five medals for Team GB.

Thought for the day with the Reverend Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly.


Everyone should be charged a small fee to get a plastic bag with their shopping, according to a group of environmental pressure groups. Samantha Harding, of the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England and Judith Holder, author of Grumpy Old Women, discuss how high the fee could become.


The European Central Bank is meeting to decide how to cut Spain and Italy's borrowing costs. Robert Peston has more details and Christian Schultz, senior economist at Berenberg Bank, and Paul Mortimer-Lee, of BNP Paribas, debate what needs to be done.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is to make his first trip to Britain for seven years when he arrives on an unofficial visit. Diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall gives her analysis ahead of the visit and Sergei Markov, adviser to President Putin, explains what is likely to be discussed when Mr Putin meets David Cameron.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet, live from the Olympic park.


Big changes are being planned in the way less financially able people get council tax benefits, with critics saying some of the most vulnerable people will be worse off because of them. Labour peer Baroness Hollis and local government minister Bob Neill debate the changes.

The BBC's Lyse Doucet reports on a refugee camp on the Jordanian border to Syria as intense fighting continues in the city of Aleppo.

Business news with Dominic Laurie.

The British Film Institute takes a poll of movie critics around the world to come up with a list of the "greatest films ever". Since the 1960s, the top title has always been the 1941 classic Citizen Kane. Arts reporter Vincent Dowd reports on what has caused it to lose its crown.

A report titled How New York Won The Olympics claims that it is the enormous preparations that go into preparing an Olympic bid that count rather than hosting the Games themselves. The author Mitchell Moss explains his findings.

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