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Today: Friday 13th July

A coroner has ruled that neglect by medical staff contributed to the death of a young man in a London hospital. Syrian opposition groups say more than 200 civilians have been killed in an attack on a village by President Assad's forces. And also on today's programme, the story of the the "Fishing Fleet" - the British women who sailed to India to find a husband.

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Business news with Simon Jack, including a report on the state of China's economy, and the relationship between Coca-Cola and the Olympics.

A committee of MPs has urged the government to "apply significantly more cautious judgement" when it is considering whether to export weapons. Patricia Lewis, research director for International Security at Chatham House, shares her thoughts on the issue.


It has been confirmed that nine people were killed in an avalanche in the Swiss Alps yesterday, and three of them were British. Alan Hinkes, a British mountaineer, pays tribute to those who died.

Business news with Simon Jack.


The US has suggested that what it calls the "Yemen scenario" - where the president was forced to hand power to his deputy after almost a year of protests and growing violence - could be the solution to stopping bloodshed in Syria. The BBC's Natalia Antelava reports from Yemen.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.


The government is putting forward plans to speed up the time it takes for courts to deal with offenders in England and Wales, following a similar approach undertaken in the aftermath of last summer's riots. Greg Foxsmith, a solicitor, shares his views on the issue, and Nick Herbert, policing and criminal justice minister, explains how the scheme would work.

The paper review.


Member clubs of the Scottish Football League are set to decide whether to allow the newly-reformed Glasgow Rangers back into the game and at what level after they lost their place in the top flight of Scottish football when they were forced into liquidation at the end of last season. Neil Patey, football finance expert at Ernst and Young discusses the issue.

Thought for the day with Lord Harries of Pentregarth, Gresham Professor of Divinity.


Cuts to council funds have led to youth clubs all over the country closing, but a survey of youth service providers in England suggests that most of them have managed to re-open thanks to volunteers stepping in. Home Editor Mark Easton and Dominic Cotton, from the charity UK Youth, discuss whether this is evidence of the "big society" working or just a patch-up job that is not sustainable.


A coroner has ruled that neglect by medical staff contributed to the death of a young man in a London hospital. Peter Walsh, Chief Executive of Action Against Medical Accidents, and Associate Editor of The Times Camilla Cavendish shares their views on the issue.

Publication today of a new book details how countless young British women in the late 19th Century went to India to try and find husbands. Helene Reade, daughter of Sheila Hingston, who was one of those women, and Anne DeCourcy, author of the title, discuss the practice.

Sports news with Rob Bonnet.


Lord McNally, the government minister responsible for managing the UK's relationships with the crown dependencies, shares his thoughts on the influence of the Barclay brothers over the Channel Island of Sark.


The BBC's Hywel Griffith investigates how this summer's wet weather has been playing havoc with the migration patterns of some birds.

Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences and one of the world's leading climate scientists, shares his thoughts on climate change.

Business news with Simon Jack.

A survey conducted by COMRES for the BBC has found that two-thirds of the UK population do not think their local areas will benefit from the Olympics. Kathleen Armour, professor of education and sport at Birmingham University, and Jennie Price, chief executive of Sport England, debate the issue.

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