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Today: Thursday 12th July

Senior politicians are asking why a private security firm has been unable to recruit enough staff to man checkpoints at the Olympic venues. An inspection of checks on passengers arriving at Heathrow says improvements have been made, but not enough. And also on today's programme, is it possible to have a successful camping trip in the rain?

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Business news with Simon Jack: Once you add up all the costs of the Olympics, do you get more than you put in?


The army are on standby to provide an additional 3,500 troops to help with security at the 2012 London Olympics. Col Richard Kemp, shares his thoughts on the issue.

Conservative MP Louise Mensch shares her thoughts on David Cameron's announcement of a potential compromise on the House of Lords reform scheme.


Five years ago, the Ministry of Defence started releasing their files on UFO sightings which had once been kept secret. The Today programme's Sanchia Berg has been keeping an eye on them.

Business news with Simon Jack.


The think-tank Centre for Cities has found a direct correlation between poor infrastructure and skills in 1901 and the health of a city's economy today. The BBC's Chris Buckler has visited Preston to examine why some cities work and others don't.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

Snap inspections carried out by the independent chief inspector of borders and immigrations have shown that there are still problems at Heathrow airport. John Vine, independent chief inspector of Borders and Immigration and the Immigration Minister Damian Green, debate the issue.

The paper review.

It is 50 years since the Rolling Stones first played together in public and to mark their half century they have put together an exhibition of rare photographs detailing their history. The BBC's Arts Editor Will Gompertz went to meet two of the Stones in the gallery at Somerset House in London.

Thought for the day with the Reverend Joel Edwards, International Director of Micah Challenge.

A two day-forum starts today hosted by the University of Oxford's Smith School of Enterprise and Environment which will be discussing how the world can cope with increasing scarcity of food, water and energy. Sir David King, the co-director of the conference and former chief scientific advisor to the government, explains the aim of the conference.


Senior politicians are asking why a private security firm has been unable to recruit enough staff to man checkpoints at the Olympic venues. The BBC's Gordon Correra has more details and James Brokenshire, minister for security at the Home Office, explains how they hope to deal with the security gap.


Is it possible to have a successful camping trip in the rain? Novelist and former SAS operative Andy McNab and author Kathy Lette discuss.

Sport news with Jonathan Legard.

Alexandra Jones, chief executive of the Centre for Cities and the leader of Bradford Council David Green, discuss what it takes to keep a city strong and vibrant over time.

Business news with Simon Jack.

How do we protect our rivers and canals? The chief executive of a new charity called the Canal and River Trust, Robin Evans, explains how getting local communities in on the action could be the answer.

For 80 years Bush House has been home to the BBC World Service, but the BBC's lease has now expired and the Bush House studios will broadcast their final news bulletin today. Philippa Thomas reports.

Research into neurogastroenterology has made discoveries into the links between personality and pain which could lead to different ways to treat common gut disorders. Science reporter Michael Mosley put his body on the line for a new documentary airing tonight on BBC Four called "The Gut - the Strange and Mysterious World of the Stomach".

Prince Charles should not succeed the Queen as head of the commonwealth, according to a new report by the Commonwealth Advisory Bureau. Daisy Cooper, one of the report's authors, and Richard Fitzwilliams, royal and social commentator, debate the issue.

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