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Today: Monday 9th July

Following Andy Murray's defeat in the Wimbledon final, can British tennis take advantage of his heroic performance? The coalition is facing its sternest test of unity as MPs begin debating controversial changes to the House of Lords. Also on today's programme, how to live a happy life when you are over 100 years old.

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Business news with Simon Jack on the deputy governor of the Bank of England, who will answer questions from MPs today.


The government is trying to get its Lords reform plans past its own backbenchers: a two day debate in which an expected Tory rebellion could derail the legislation. Former Speaker of the Commons Lady Boothroyd, who sits on the cross benches in the Lords, explains why she opposes this scheme for reform.

Ed Miliband will flesh out Labour ideas for increasing competition in banking today. The BBC's Hugh Pym has more details.

Business news with Simon Jack.


A DNA database is using the "markers" that are part of our genetic make-up to reveal the patterns of our heritage, where everybody in this country came from. Writer and historian Alistair Moffat, who is running the project in the Scottish Borders, explains how he has been turning up fascinating stories that go back to the world of the Old Testament.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.


Residents of a block of flats near the Olympic park are going to the High Court to challenge the Ministry of Defence's decision to put missiles on their roof. Martin Howe, the lawyer representing the residents, and Patrick Mercer, an MP and former infantry officer, debate the issue.

The paper review.

Hedgehogs are disappearing with their numbers possibly having fallen to one million. Former MP and cabinet minister Ann Widdecombe explains how she hopes to persuade one of her former colleagues to introduce a private member's bill in the Commons to make it illegal to kill a hedgehog.

Thought for the Day with John Bell of the Iona Community.

President Assad of Syria has given a rare interview in English, to German television, in which he accuses countries supporting his opponents as "terrorists" and claimed that he still had the support of his people. Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen gives his reaction after a short version of the interview.


Following Andy Murray's defeat in the Wimbledon final yesterday, can British tennis take advantage of his heroic performance? Tony Hawks, who co-founded charity Tennis for Free, and Roger Draper, CEO of the Lawn Tennis Association, discuss why there is still only one British player in the top 100 ATP rankings.


The coalition is facing its sternest test of unity as MPs start debating controversial changes to the House of Lords. Penny Mordaunt MP, one of the Conservative rebels, and Mark Harper MP, minister for constitutional change, debate the reform proposals.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

On Wednesday, the Department for International Development, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is organising a summit on family planning for women in the developing world. Melinda Gates explains the aim of the summit.

Business news with Simon Jack.

There are nearly 12,000 centenarians in the UK, rising to almost 90,000 over the next 25 years, a BBC documentary says. Sarah Harper, professor of gerontology at the University of Oxford, shares her view on what the consequences are of an increasingly long life.

Two Russian billionaire oligarchs are to face each other in a London court. The BBC's Clive Coleman explains what the feud is about.


Internationally respected pianist Melvyn Tan agreed to wire himself up to a bio-harness whilst he played a concert. This was to monitor the physical and mental stresses that performing places on the musician. Today programme reporter Zubeida Malik went to find out what happened.

Sue Mott, who wrote a book about Andy Murray, discusses the men's Wimbledon final.

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