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Today: Saturday 30th June

The falsifying of the interbank rate has led American regulators to accuse Barclays of deception, adding to a feeling among Americans that London is the centre of financial corruption. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke on prisoner rehabilitation. And just what is the etiquette of email writing?

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There is growing pressure for an inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of British banks. The BBC's correspondent Peter Henley explains.

Egypt's new president is being sworn in today. The BBC's correspondent Jon Leyne is watching the events unfold in Cairo.

Two years since the Justice Secretary, Ken Clarke, promised a revolution of the criminal justice system with "more intelligent" sentencing, the number of prisoners have increased. The BBC's home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw investigates.

The House of Lords reform is the issue that is currently being debated. The BBC's Mark D'Arcy explains why some peers are peeved by the proposals..

With the dominance of Brussels-led stories at the moment, Nigel Farage, lead of UK Independence Party gives his thoughts on how this is influencing the British public. And Peter Kellner, president of YouGov, analyses public opinion on Europe.

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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has said he will reject any external solution to the country's crisis as preparations are underway for an international summit in Geneva aimed at stopping the violence.

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There are more than one thousand independent bookshops in Britain's high streets today, all being championed by Independent Booksellers Week. There is even a nationwide tour by the Bookshop Band which writes songs inspired by novels. The BBC's reporter Philippa Thomas ventures out to Hackney to have a listen.

Thought for the Day with Brian Draper, Associate lecturer at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.


The rate rigging scandal has proved to many that the reputation of the banks did have room to sink lower. The BBC's correspondent Michelle Fleury investigates what the perception of British banks is from Wall Street. And former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland Sir George Mathewson analyses the difference between scandals in the US and the UK.


Justice Secretary Ken Clarke promised a revolution of prisons two years ago with "more intelligent" sentencing. However, the number of people in prisons have risen by 1,500. Mr Clarke explains why the "remorseless rise" of prisoners has increased.


Now that emails have replaced letter-writing, the Barclay scandal, which threw up lines such as "Done, for you big boy" and "Dude, I owe you big time", shows that this form of writing offers deep insight into 21st century culture, as letters did in the past. Matthew Gwyther, editor of Management Today and Dr Monica Seeley, author of Brilliant Email debate the issue.

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There are calls for the government to set up another Leveson; peering into the culture, practices and ethics of the banks. But would an inquiry help? Former Chancellor, Lord Lamont explains.

Armed Forces Day today will see parades and other events to mark it in towns and cities across the country. But there are many soldiers who won't be on parade in this country: they're still fighting overseas. The BBC's defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt is in Lashkar Gah, the headquarters of Taskforce Helmand.

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A new byelaw will make it illegal to swim in the river Thames between Crossness and Putney Bridge. The Port of London Authority (PLA) says swimming in the Thames puts both the swimmer, and boats in the river at risk. Chief executive of the PLA and journalist Matthew Parris debate the issue.

With the dominance of stories from Brussels in the media, there is ambiguity over Britain's relationship with the EU. Europe minister David Liddington and the shadow foreign secretary Danny Alexander join the Today programme with their thoughts.

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