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John Denham MP: British workers need 'a fair chance'


Labour badly mishandled the issue of immigration in government, Ed Miliband is expected to say.

In a speech later, Mr Miliband will say his party "got it wrong" when it allowed uncontrolled immigration from new EU states in 2004.

Sanchia Berg has been looking at the effect of it in one area of London, where some welcome immigrants and others dislike their impact on the area.

Labour MP John Denham told the Today programme, he became concerned about immigration in 2005, when "it became clear that estimates we relied on… were vastly wrong... far more people came in than we anticipated".

He told the Today programme that British people need "a fairer chance" in getting a job.

This can be achieved, he said, by enforcing the minimum wage and changing the law to stop recruitment agencies who "only trade on supplying people of a certain nationality".

The current law "is a mockery," he told John Humphrys.

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