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Today: Friday 22nd June

Labour leader Ed Miliband is to admit that his party got it wrong on immigration when it was in power. Fifteen of the world's biggest financial institutions, including three British banks, have had their credit ratings downgraded. And also on Today's programme, Sarah Montague reports from Liberia on the relationship between music and politics in the country.

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Business news with Lesley Curwen, on news that some of Britain's biggest high street banks have been handed a credit ratings downgrade


Fifteen of the world's largest banks have had their credit ratings downgraded by the ratings agency Moody's. Robert Peston gives his analysis of the significance of this move.


The Muslim Brotherhood, the largest political force in Egypt, is calling its supporters out onto the streets of Cairo in an attempt to pressure the country's generals and its senior courts to publish the results of the second round of the presidential election. The BBC's Kevin Connolly went to the Muslim Brotherhood's headquarters in Cairo to test the mood.

Business news with Lesley Curwen.


Researchers at Cambridge university have shown that the bird flu virus H5NI can change into a more dangerous form. The Today programme's Tom Feilden has more details and Professor Derek Smith, one of the authors of the research, explains whether there are any dangers for humans.

Sport news with Chris Dennis.


According to Transport Secretary Justine Greening, the government is going ahead with HS2, the high speed rail link from London to Birmingham. Martin Tett, leader of Buckinghamshire council, explains why he opposes the project.

The paper review.


When politicians campaign in Liberia, they often team up with the country's musicians to get their message across. The genre is called Hip-co and Sarah Montague went along to the studios of the Monrovian radio station, Hott FM, to meet some Hip-co artists and speak to the station's owner DJ Blue.

Thought for the day with the Bishop Tom Butler.

Today is the last day of the trial of Anders Breivik, but there will not be a verdict yet as judges are going to make a ruling on his sanity over the next two months, an issue that divides people and has implications for his incarceration. Lars Bevanger, who has been covering the trial for the BBC, discuss Breivik's mental health.

Tonight is the premiere of Anthony Clavane's memoir Promised Land. The BBC's Colin Paterson reports from one of the play's final rehearsals.


Labour party leader Ed Miliband is to say that millions of people have "legitimate concerns" on immigration in Britain. Sanchia Berg looks at the effect of immigration in one area of London. And Labour MP John Denham, PPS to Ed Miliband, gives his thoughts on what was wrong with Labour's immigration policies.

Author and broadcaster Clive James talks to the BBC's John Wilson about his illness and life in television.

Sport news with Chris Dennis.


In March 2011 the Serious Fraud Office accused property tycoon Vincent Tchenguiz of fraudulently obtaining an £100m loan from Icelandic Bank Kaupthing. This week, the case against him was dropped, and Evan Davis spoke to him to find out his reaction.

Peter Kavanagh, Unite union's regional secretary for London, discusses the impact and reasons for today's London bus strike.

Business news with Lesley Curwen.

A feature-length documentary celebrating the history of independent cinema, The Last Projectionist, is being released today. The BBC's Bob Walker meets one of the old school projectionists.

Matthew Taylor, who worked with Tony Blair in number 10, and Labour MP John McDonnell discuss Labour's immigration policies.

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