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Today: Friday 15th June

The Treasury and Bank of England have announced a major new plan to help high street banks lend more to businesses and consumers. London Mayor Boris Johnson explains what is being done to tackle gang violence and crime in the capital. And also on Today's programme, how judges are to be trained to become more streetwise.

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Business news with Tanya Beckett, on last night's annual Mansion House speech where the governor of the Bank of England announced new packages to get the economy moving.


The government has accepted the basic ideas of the Independent Commission on Banking, but it is proposing to water them down in the details. Sir John Vickers, who led the commission, explains what was in the original proposals and what the government has decided to change.


Half of all shooting incidents in London involve victims in gangs. In some areas, gangs are responsible for most of the serious crime involving young people. Andrew Hosken reports.

Business news with Tanya Beckett.


Last month, a nine-year-old schoolgirl started a blog about her school dinners. Now the school has told her she can no longer take photos of the dinners, making it hard for her to continue the blog. Her father David Payne explains what happened.

Sport news with Alison Mitchell


Germany's deputy finance minister has ruled out "eurobond-lite" plans to pool part of eurozone debt. Economics editor Stephanie Flanders and Paul Mortimer Lee, of BNP Paribas, give their thoughts and analysis of Germany's role in the eurozone crisis.

The paper review.

More than a hundred presidents and prime ministers are set to gather in the Brazilian city of Rio next week for a summit which aims to find ways of achieving economic growth without damaging the environment. The BBC's David Shukman reports from Romney Marsh in Kent, where a contest between human and nature is under way.

Thought for the day with the Bishop Tom Butler.

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, speaks to Sarah Montague on the challenges posed by gangs in London and whether enough is being done to change the environment in which they thrive.


The government and the Bank of England have come up with a scheme to lend money to banks very cheaply on the condition they lend it on to businesses. Treasury Minister Mark Hoban explains the details of the scheme and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls gives his reaction.


Lady Justice Hallett, chairman of the Judicial College, says she wants to ensure that judges take into account the social context of offending. Leading criminal barrister Paul Mendelle QC gives his thoughts on whether the legal profession is out of touch with what is happening on the the streets.

Sport news with Alison Mitchell.


Argentina's president has asked for talks with Britain on the Falkland's sovereignty before a United Nations committee on the 30th anniversary of Britain's defeat of an Argentine invasion force. Roger Edwards, member of the Falklands Legislative Assembly, gives his reaction to Argentina's request.

Business news with Tanya Beckett.

After all the investment by the FA to try to get the England football team to play the beautiful game beautifully, has the team finally got a manager who knows how to play to get results? Former England goalkeeper David James gives his thoughts.

The BBC's Chris Morris reports from Athens, on the rise of the extreme right in Greece, ahead of the general election recall in two days time.

Andrew Rawnsley of the Observer and Anne McElvoy of the Economist debate David Cameron's performance at the Leveson inquiry into press standards.

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