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'Work harder over windfarm planning'


According to a poll in the Independent this morning, 68% of people are pro-wind farm. The question asked for agreement with the proposition "Building new wind farms is an acceptable price to pay for greener energy in the future".

Martin Hill, the leader of Lincolnshire County Council, which is voting this week on plans to clampdown on planning permission for wind farms, told Today programme presenter Evan Davis: "'We're not going to say we aren't going to have any more" windfarms, adding that "I don't think we want the whole county to be covered by a forest of them."

Tim Yeo, who is Conservative MP for South Suffolk and chairs the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee told the programme: "I sympathise with people who say that if you've got a whole big windfarm near your home, you're bearing the environmental cost personally... whereas the benefits of that windfarm are shared amongst the whole population.

"I think what we have to do is to work harder to find places where windfarms are acceptable, and there are some places you can identify, but also secondly - and this is what we're not doing - be more creative about sharing some of the benefits directly with those local communities. Frankly we need to be prepared to bribe them."

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