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Today: Monday 28th May

The UN Security Council has condemned the Syrian government for using heavy weapons to attack the town of Houla, where more than a 100 people, including many children were killed. Tony Blair is to appear at the Leveson inquiry to answer questions about his relationship with Rupert Murdoch. And also on today's programme, Harry Belafonte reflects on a life of music and politics.

We are no longer providing clips of every part of the programme but you will be able to listen via the BBC iPlayer .

Business news with Simon Jack, on how to get more women in the boardroom and what difference it would make.

Fawaz Gerges, director of the Middle East Centre at the LSE, gives his analysis of the situation in Syria.

The BBC's Iain Watson has the latest on the controversy surrounding the Conservative party's chairman, Lady Warsi.

Business news with Simon Jack.


The Government is announcing more money to encourage young entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses. Lord Young, author of the Review into Enterprise, explains the scheme.


The Queen's official Diamond Jubilee single is released this morning which features Prince Harry playing the tambourine, an instrument which music broadcaster Mark Coles argues we should start taking seriously.

Sport news with Jonathan Legard.


The East London council of Waltham Forest has suspended its policy of compulsory re-housing of residents outside London. The BBC's Nicola Stanbridge spoke to Patricia Abbey, one of the people who was moved out.

The paper review.

At a wildlife reserve in Kent, conservationists are releasing short haired bumble bees that have been brought over from Northern Europe in the hope that the species will re-establish itself in the UK. Science reporter Rebecca Morelle reports from Dungeness.

Thought for the day with Canon Dr Alan Billings, an Anglican Priest.


How was it possible that the 63 stone Welsh teenager, Georgia Davis, was allowed to become so large she needed to be cut free from her house after collapsing with breathing problems? Sunday Times columnist Minette Marrin and Enver Solomon, policy director at Children's Society, discuss the issue.


The UN Security Council has condemned the Syrian government for using heavy weapons to attack the town of Houla, where more than a hundred people were killed. The Independent's Patrick Cockburn in Damascus and former British ambassador to the UN Sir Jeremy Greenstock give their analysis of the deteriorating situation in Syria.

The activist and singer Harry Belafonte speaks to Sarah Montague about a career that has spanned six decades.

Sport news with Jonathan Legard.


Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is to appear before the Leveson Inquiry into media standards. Lance Price, former Labour party Director of Communications, talks about the attitude towards New International in the Downing Street press office during Blair's time at Number 10.

A new report is urging NHS hospitals to do more to help homeless patients and to avoid discharging them back onto the streets. Health correspondent Jane Dreaper reports from University College Hospital in London.

Karen Kemp, who set-up her own business with her husband, and Rod Boyes, who is about to launch his own e-shop, discuss what pitfalls entrepreneurs over 50 face and what the government could do to help promote older entrepreneurs.

Business news with Simon Jack.

The United Nations says it has evidence that a rebellion in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is being fuelled by recruits and support from neighbouring Rwanda. Gabriel Gatehouse reports from eastern Congo.

The British Library is tonight tracing the journey of Olympic poetry from the very beginnings of the Games to the present day. Professor Edith Hall from Kings College London and Dr Armand d'Angour, poet and lecturer in Classics at Oxford University, discuss Olympic poetry.



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