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Today: Friday 25th May

The campaign for a yes vote in the referendum on Scottish independence is launched this morning. More questions will be asked at the Leveson inquiry about relations between David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, and Rupert Murdoch's media companies. Also on today's programme, one the rarest instruments in the world comes to Manchester.

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Business News with Simon Jack, on whether China's economy is suffering.


Religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott reports on the lobbying ahead of the selection of the next Archbishop of Canterbury


The Scottish independence campaign is being launched in Edinburgh two years before the referendum is likely to be held. John Curtice, politics Professor and electoral behaviour expert at the University of Strathclyde, gives his analysis of the campaign to come.


A religious studies exam question, "Explain why some people are prejudiced against Jews", has sparked controversy over whether it is a reasonable question to put to young people. Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, discusses the question.

Business news with Simon Jack.


Figures released by the Children's Court Advisory Service Cafcass show that more applications are being made to take children into care, but there is wide variation in numbers around the country. Anthony Douglas, chief executive of Cafcass, talks about the reasons behind the rise.

The Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA catch Osama Bin Laden is beginning a 33 years sentence in prison after being found guilty of treason during a trial in which he had no legal representation. The BBC's Washington Correspondent Jonny Dymond reports on the reaction from US politicians.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.


The six week old ceasefire in Syria is continuing to be ignored. The BBC's Paul Wood reports from the town of Rastan which has been under attack for days by Syrian tanks and troops.

The paper review.

Over the past year the 81-year-old billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, has become the owner of 70 local newspapers in the United States. The former newspaper delivery boy has just written a letter to the staff of a group of titles he bought earlier this month.

The BBC's Arts Correspondent Colin Paterson has been to hear one of the rarest instruments in the world, a pair of Japanese steel chopsticks. Only one man in the world knows how to make the Myochin Hibashi and his family have had the secret for more than a 1000 years.

Thought for the Day with The Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

Relations between Pakistan and the US have hit a new low as a result of the decision of a Pakistan court to jail the doctor who helped the US to track down Osama Bin Laden. Wajid Shamsul Hasan, Pakistan's High Commissioner to the UK, gives his response to the case.


The campaign for Scottish independence has begun, which will end with a referendum in 2014. The BBC's Scotland business and economy editor Douglas Fraser discusses the financial implications and Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister of Scotland, talks about how realistic the SNP's aims are.


Evan Davis meets British rapper Plan B ahead of the release of his hip hop film Ill Manners. The rapper, whose real name is Ben Drew, talks about class and social exclusion and his experiences working with young people in a London school.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet


Earlier this year the president of the AAAS, America's leading academy of science, claimed that the politicisation of science on issues such as climate change, genetic modification and evolution was driving the US into a new dark age. Science correspondent Tom Feilden investigates whether the situation is the same in the UK.

After the G8, Nato and European leaders summits this week Jonathan Powell, former Chief of Staff in Blair's government, talks about the effectiveness of summits, and what the group dynamic is at these events.

Business news with Simon Jack.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams retires at the end of this year, who will take over from him? Andrew Brown, columnist for the Church Times, looks at the options and the politics of choosing.

Today is the start of the yes to Scottish independence campaign. Ewan Crawford, former senior SNP strategist, and Katie Grant, a columnist with the Scottish Daily Mail, debate what this campaign will mean for Scottish people.



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