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They called us 'terrorist' and 'bombers'


More than 80,000 racist incidents have been recorded in schools across the country in the last four years. A investigation by the BBC's Asian Network found that there were more than twenty thousand reported racist incidents a year and in some areas, big rises over those years.

Natalie is a girl from the York area who has been on the receiving end of racist bullying because she is from an Iranian background. She told Evan Davis that other students would constantly call her names such as 'bomber' and 'terrorist'.

Natalie explained that the taunts she received on an every day basis caused her to "lose a lot of confidence" and meant that she didn't want to talk to people anymore, adding that she felt like she was "less than everybody else" because she is half Iranian.

When asked if it was incidental that she is Iranian and was bullied, or whether she was bullied because she is Iranian, Natalie replied that every school has bullying, but her background gave her bullies "more ammunition".

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