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Page last updated at 09:10 GMT, Tuesday, 8 May 2012 10:10 UK

Al-Qaeda are 'going back to basics'

Following the latest foiled bomb plot, what are al-Qaeda's political aims and how best can they be combated?

Mike Scheuer, a former head of the CIA unit tracking Osama in Laden, says al-Qaeda are an enemy that is never going to give up no matter how much we toughen up the security around them.

There's "very little doubt", he says, that they will be successful one day.

Dr Alia Brahimi, a research fellow at the the London School of Economics, believes that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular are "the creatures of Bin Laden" and they are trying to "channel the original spirit of the organisation".

They are going "back to basics" and aiming to hit US targets again, she adds.

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