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Today: Tuesday 8th May

Officials in Washington say a plot to bring down an airliner using an "underwear bomb" has been foiled. Ken Livingstone speaks to James Naughtie about his electoral defeat. And also on Today's programme, Mike Leigh on Abigail's Party.

We are no longer providing clips of every part of the programme but you will be able to listen via the BBC iPlayer .

Business news with Simon Jack, on Spain's banking sector.

The BBC's security correspondent Gordon Corera has the latest on the foiled bomb plot by al-Qaeda.


Doctors and charities working with the elderly are warning the government that the system is "chronically underfunded".

Teresa Quinn, who cares for her mother at home, and Michelle Mitchell of Age UK, discuss the issue.

Business news with Simon Jack

The BBC's Lyse Doucet gives an account of the Syrian parliamentary elections which took place yesterday and described by the State Department in Washington as bordering on the ludicrous.

John Minnis, from English Heritage, explains why two 1960s petrol station canopies are to be given listed building status.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are telling their parties, in the aftermath of the local elections last week, that the coalition will endure. Political editor Nick Robinson explains the significance of the meeting and senior Liberal Democrat David Laws gives his view on the difficulties of working in a coalition.

The paper review.

Nicola Stanbridge speaks to the Syrian composer and pianist Malek Jandali, who has been in the UK performing music inspired by the uprising in his home country.

Thought for the Day with the Reverend Joel Edwards - International Director of Micah Challenge


What is the impact of the French and Greek election results on the future of the Eurozone?

Economics editor Stephanie Flanders gives her view on the issue.


Insurance firm Aviva has announced that chief executive Andrew Moss will be leaving with immediate effect.

Shareholder Sir Michael Darrington gives his reaction to the departure.


Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London, lost the mayoral election to Conservative Boris Johnson last week.

He speaks to Jim Naughtie about his defeat.


Thirty-five years after it was first performed, the play Abigail's Party is set to transfer to the West End.

The author Mike Leigh speaks to Justin Webb on the success of the iconic play.

Sports news with Garry Richardson


Following the latest foiled bomb plot, what are Al-Qaeda's political aims and how best can they be combated?

Dr Alia Brahimi, a research fellow at the the London School of Economics, gives her view on the issue.


Lord Smith, chair of the Environment Agency, explains why the agency has decided that fracking should be allowed in the UK.

Business news with Simon Jack

Steve Evans reports on Germany's reaction to the election results in France and Greece.

Are British people chocolate loving professionals or just amateurs? Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolates and food writer Christopher Hirst discuss the question.

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