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Cameron: I want us to do better


The prime minister has offered a staunch defence of the coalition's record in government and its vision for the country, despite the series of set-backs it has suffered in recent weeks. David Cameron acknowledged that the period - which has included controversy over the so-called pasty tax, and criticism of the handling of a possible strike by fuel tanker drivers - had been "difficult."

However, Mr Cameron insisted that, overall, his administration was on the right track, telling Today presenter John Humphrys that "I want us to to do better, it's been a difficult month, governments have difficult months.

"But I think what really matters is keeping your eye on the long term and the big decisions that really matter and the picture, and that's that this government came together to dig this country out of the huge economic mess that it was in.

"We're involved in an economic rescue mission, but we're not just a bunch of accountants dealing with a deficit, there's also a driving passion and vision to change this country and make it much more on the side of hard-working people who do the right thing."

Mr Cameron also denied that he was lazy or spending too much time away from his job for personal reasons.

"If you are completely fried and exhausted and have no time for your family and never go for a jog or play a game of tennis or whatever. If you never do those things you'll, you'll get into a situation where you'll make very bad judgements because you'll be exhausted and stressed and all the rest of it. So, do I try and live some sort of normal life at the same time? Yes, and I don't apologise for that."

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