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Met officers were 'rude and aggressive'

In 1999, the Metropolitan Police was accused once more of institutional racism. The Met is caught up in a number of new racism allegations, not so much institutional, but more individual.

We asked two young people from south London to tell us their experiences.

Junior Gaba, an A-level student from Catford told Today presenter Evan Davis: "Two years ago I was walking down towards the bus-stop, a group of police just jumped out on me, pushed me up against the wall, and said they want to stop and search me on suspicion of a crime that's happening in the area.

"The way they went about things was quite rude and aggressive. The second time I was at a bus-stop with a mate, and some police officers just sped by and slowed down and started swearing at us and sticking their middle fingers at us and they just drove off."

Reggie Oliver, a 24-year-old football coach who works with young people in south London to local youths, said: "My dad insured me on his car, and I remember driving down the high street and a police officer glimpsed at me, they spun around, pulled me over, immediately pulled me out of the car and said they're going to stop and search on suspicion of drug dealing."

Nick Mason, who is involved in a charity trying to combat gangs as well as being an external board member on the Met's Children and Young People Strategy Board, explained "I think the Metropolitan police service has moved on fairly significantly since 1999, I think it's more individual acts of racism and rudeness, rather than collective failure."

No-one from the Metropolitan Police was available to discuss the allegations on the programme.

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