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Page last updated at 07:09 GMT, Friday, 30 March 2012 08:09 UK

Children 'missing out' on nature


A report by the National Trust says there is evidence of a long-term and dramatic decline in the relationship children have with the outdoors which they are calling "nature deficit disorder".

Author of the report Stephen Moss, told the Today programme's Justin Webb that children need nature and need to play outdoors in the same way they need good food and good sleep.

He said apart from the issues of physical health and mental health, they are "missing out on wonderful world".

Dr Aleks Krotoski, technology writer and researcher on the internet, said that the problem with this report is that "it is not science".

She said it "dresses up the idea that nature deficit disorder is a psychological ill". But she insisted there is no actual evidence that this so-called disorder exists.

Stephen Moss said it is a useful term rather than a psychological illness.

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