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Page last updated at 09:00 GMT, Wednesday, 28 March 2012 10:00 UK

Report reveals 'the true cost of riots'


An independent report on the causes of the riots in England last August has highlighted public concern about poor parenting and a lack of opportunities for young people.

Darra Singh, chairman of the Riots Communities and Victims Panel, told the Today programme's John Humphrys that they found in their report that "for some people where they have no stake in their wider communities" and where there are no real opportunities they will go out and cause devastation like seen during the riots, when they feel there are no consequences.

He said they also focused on rehabilitation of offenders because their research showed that people wanted that dealt with.

"We don't want to deflect away from individual or parental responsibility," he said, but the report argues that people can either "paper over cracks or accept that there is a group in society... that bump along the bottom and who do not display requirements and needs to get intensive intervention".

He explained that there are a number of dimensions to what people want dealt with: The police response and a need to focus on longer-term deep seated issues.

He said that "we can make a choice and focus on immediate preventative action" but the report argues that the "true cost of the riots" needs a "more rounded response".

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