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Page last updated at 08:58 GMT, Thursday, 15 March 2012

Abortion clinic vigils too aggressive?


Britain's largest abortion provider has said that women arriving at their clinics have been facing increasing aggressive tactics by anti-abortion campaigners.

Robert Colquhoun, UK campaign director for 40 Days for Life, told the Today programme's Justin Webb, that they had a "peaceful, prayerful and legal" vigil and ensured that behaviour was extremely good.

He insisted that allegations of harassment were not true and they were seeking to provide a solution to the "crisis" of abortion.

He admitted some people considered it controversial but they "intend to show love".

But Ann Furedi, chief executive of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, said that while she supported people's right to freedom of expression and right to protest, this campaign was "really wrong".

"Debate me, debate my policy team but leave the women alone", she continued, adding that these women "are coming because they need medical help."

She said that this "tiny minority" of people protesting to a legal service were "adding enormously to the distress to women who are already in a difficult situation."

"They should think really carefully about whether what they are doing is really Christian," she added.

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