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Page last updated at 08:08 GMT, Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Why I blew the whistle on Allen Stanford


The man who first blew the whistle on convicted fraudster Allen Stanford has said that it impressive how he managed to make everyone believe he had money when he was probably the "poorest man on the planet".

Speaking to business presenter Simon Jack, Alex Dalmady said his suspicions were raised in 2009 after he looked into the accounts for a friend who was a client of Stanford's.

Allen Stanford was convicted of 13 counts of fraud after conning investors out of $7bn in 20-year Ponzi scheme.

Alex Dalmady noticed that the extent of Stanford's portfolio was "not possible" given the investments he was making.

"He managed to stonewall the regulators", he said, building up an image that was completely contrary to reality.

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