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Page last updated at 07:26 GMT, Wednesday, 8 February 2012
Today: Wednesday 8th February

Stephen Hester gives his first interview since his decision to forego his bonus as chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland. The chancellor has warned that anger about excessive bonuses should not be allowed to turn into hatred of business. And also on the programme, they respect their rulers, so what do stand-up comedians in Qatar joke about?

Business news with Simon Jack on the ECB making key concessions to try to solve the Greek debt crisis.

The Health and Social Care Bill is expected to face a rough ride from peers when it returns to the House of Lords today, less than a week after the Royal College of GPs wrote to David Cameron calling for it to be scrapped. The shadow health secretary, Andy Burnham, outlines Labour's position on the proposed changes.

Policy makers in Washington are growing increasingly concerned that Israel will strike at Iran's nuclear programme this year, without worrying about the Americans' say-so. North America editor Mark Mardell examines US fears over a unilateral attack by its ally.

Business news with Simon Jack.

A critical vote takes place at the Church of England's ruling synod today that will test opinion on the subject of women bishops. As the BBC's Religious Affairs correspondent Robert Pigott reports, there is fierce division about exactly how male bishops should be allowed to intervene in the dioceses of women colleagues.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

Argentina is to make a formal complaint to the United Nations about what it calls the "militarisation" of the Falkland Islands by Britain. Dick Sawle, a member of the islands' legislative assembly, gives his analysis of the growing tension in the South Atlantic.

A look at the papers.

Physicists using a particle accelerator at Daresbury in Cheshire believe they may have come up with a new diagnostic tool for a particularly aggressive form of throat cancer. The BBC's science correspondent Tom Feilden finds out more.

Thought for the day with Rev Joel Edwards - International Director of Micah Challenge.

Elderly patients are suffering a "diminished quality of life" because social care funding pressures mean services are being reduced, the cross-party Commons health select committee warned today. Delia Fox, 82, shares her story and Richard Humphries, senior fellow at the Health think tank the Kings Fund, outlines his views.

Stephen Hester, the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, has told his staff in a letter that the affair over his bonus had been uncomfortable but that the bank didn't exist in a vacuum, and he told them that they were making progress in restoring its fortunes. Mr Hester gives his first interview since the row over his bonus.

The Arab Spring has seen a new permissiveness across the Middle East but jokes about the ruling emir and his ministers, and even the World Cup, are still not allowed in Qatar. Kevin Connolly reports from the autocratic Gulf state.

Sports news with Garry Richardson

The BBC's business editor Robert Peston reveals what the interview with Stephen Hester reveals about the state of the bank.

Opposition activists in the Syrian city of Homs say more than 40 people have already been killed today in shooting and shelling by government forces. The BBC's Paul Wood has been in Homs for the last few days and explained that locals say the shelling is heavier now than it has been since the beginning of the uprising.

Business news with Simon Jack.

The Social Market Foundation is launching its proposal for a new national childcare contribution scheme, suggesting a new model in which the Government would help parents smooth the cost of childcare over their lifetimes. Nicola Stanbridge went to meet mums at a childcare centre in South London and Ian Mulheirn, co-author of the report, explains the proposal in more details.

UK Music, the organisation that represents the commercial industry, is launching a diversity charter, calling for more minority representation in the music industry. Vanessa Reed, executive director of the Performing Rights Society for Music Foundation, and Oliver Condy, editor of BBC Music Magazine, discuss why it is that there are so many successful female artists, but so few women writing the songs.


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