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Page last updated at 08:54 GMT, Friday, 6 January 2012

Cameron 'not satisfied' with top pay


Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the government will act on top pay levels, has called for politicians to "speak up" about nursing standards and has defended his use of the EU summit veto.

Speaking to Today presenter Evan Davis in the second New Year leader interview, Mr Cameron said that "people aren't satisfied, I'm not satisfied" with continuing top pay levels.

"Frankly we've seen a level of reward at the top that hasn't been commensurate with success," he said.

The next steps, he said, were greater transparency on levels of pay and shareholder power to curb earnings, on which he would have more to say "later this week".

On nursing, he said that politicians had done a disservice to nursing by not talking about failures in standards of care.

"While we know that the vast majority do a brilliant job, there is clearly a problem in some hospitals in some settings, where we're not getting the standards of care that the nation expects," he said.

On the economy, the prime minister said that "there is a rebalancing taking place", but it is not going "as far and as fast" as he would like.

"I don't want to pull the wool over people's eyes - It is a difficult year, it is a testing year," he said.

And on his use of the UK's veto in EU treaty negotiations, he denied that the outcome had not been planned for.

"I'm not making some great claim to have achieved a safeguard", he said. "What I did do was stop a treaty without safeguards."

Finally, following the release of Iron Lady, a film about of Margaret Thatcher's life, the prime minister was asked who he thought should play him in the film of his life. "I'm sure the movie will never be made," he said.


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