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Today: Monday 26th December

Guest edited by Sebastian Coe, featuring a reflection on great sporting rivalries, Jose Mourinho on his aim to return to British football, and examining if the London Olympics will create a new generation of elite British athletes. And as Boxing Day hunts get underway we'll ask if the ban on hunting with hounds is here to stay.

Today sees the start of the traditional post-Christmas sales, with one estimate indicating that 13% of the population will be heading out before 9am to find festive bargains. But can we say yet whether enough shopping has been done in recent days for the needs of the economy to be satisfied. Stephen Robertson, director general of the British Retail Consortium, analyses the problems faced by the UK's retail sector.

Today's guest editor, Sebastian Coe, owed much of his success to the pioneering scientific coaching methods of his late father, Peter. Peter Coe's ideas crossed over into other sports; in horse racing, they brought so much success for the National Hunt trainer, Martin Pipe, it led to unfounded suspicion that he was guilty of blood-doping his horses. As our sports presenter Rob Bonnet reports, some successful horse trainers continue to shun science and trust their instinct. This is an extended version of the broadcast interview.

The business news with Simon Jack.

Lord Coe's rivalry with Steve Ovett is one of the most gripping in sporting history. So did this battle make them each greater athletes? And how did they compare with the other great sporting rivals like Ali and Frazier, and Borg and McEnroe. Today presenter Justin Webb chewed over those questions with Lord Coe himself and the veteran sports journalist, Colin Hart.
0727 Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

Lord Coe asked us to bring together Lord Donoghue, who headed Harold Wilson's policy unit and William Hague, the Foreign Secretary and biographer of the former prime minister William Pitt the Younger, to discuss rivalry in politics.

A review of the papers.

For those planning it, one hope London 2012 will help inspire our next generation of elite athletes. But today's guest editor Lord Coe is worried about what he calls a "waterfall" of competing influences - a world of "reality TV and instant fame" that mean it's harder than ever to convince young people that competitive sport is worthwhile. Our reporter Tom Bateman has been meeting athletes and coaches to find out more.
Thought for the Day with Canon Duncan Green, head of multi-faith chaplaincy services for the 2012 Olympic Games

Today is the seventh Boxing Day since the ban on hunting in England and Wales was brought in by the last government. Many people will be out today for the traditional hunts. The RSPCA's David Bowles and the Countryside Alliance's Alice Barnard debate if this shows the ban isn't doing any good, or that it isn't doing any harm.

London is facing a day of strike action by Tube drivers. Transport for London tried to get it stopped in the courts but failed. Mick Whelan, general secretary of the train drivers' union Aslef and London Underground's Howard Collins outline their cases.

The 1980 Moscow Olympics cemented Lord Coe's place as one of Britain's greatest middle distance runners. Seb Coe returned to the Moscow stadium that hosted the 1980 games. He was accompanied by our sports presenter Garry Richardson, to walk the track for the first time since winning gold there.

Sports news with Jonathan Legard.

Can science bring sporting success? It's a question that interests today's guest editor Lord Coe, whose father Peter coached him to two Olympic gold medals with a novel scientific approach to training and fitness. Sebastian Coe invited Jose Mourinho onto the programme to talk about his ideas and also about his view of English football.

The business news with Simon Jack.

One of our guest editor Sebastian Coe's passions is to read. There's a vast array of books about sport: most fairly ghastly; some brilliant. But what about when sport appears in books which aren't - ostensibly - about sport? Can something as physical and as visual as sport belong in the higher echelons of great fiction? Sports correspondent Tim Franks has been reading up.

Lord Coe rounds up his programme and we play out with some live festive music, courtesy of members of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.



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