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Today: Monday 12th December

David Cameron is to explain to MPs why he vetoed EU proposals for stabilising the euro. The Financial Services Authority reports on the near-collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland three years ago. And also on the programme, what is the greatest invention of all time?

Business news with Simon Jack on the long awaited report into the near-collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland by the Financial Services Authority.

Westminster Council is proposing that people who get benefits should be forced to do some sort of voluntary work. Colin Barrow, Conservative leader of the council, describes the plans.

The Financial Services Authority is to publish its report into the near-collapse of the Royal Bank of Scotland. BBC Scotland business correspondent Douglas Fraser has the details and Michael Fallon, Conservative member of the Treasury Select Committee gives his reaction.

The race to find the Republican candidate to challenge President Obama for the White House next year is heating up. North American editor Mark Mardell profiles the current fight among the front-runners.

Business news with Simon Jack.

David Cameron is to make a Commons statement after rejecting proposals by the European Union on a rescue plan for the euro. Former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband outlines his thoughts.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

David Cameron's veto on the European Union's proposed plan to rescue the ailing eurozone has highlighted tensions between Britain and European heavyweights France and Germany. Peter Altmaier, leader of the parliamentary group in Angela Merkel's CDU party, Former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband outlines his thoughts. reflects on the current feeling toward Britain.

A look at today's papers.

This October, British troops took over from US Marines in a remote part of Helmand known as the "valley of death" where the Taliban remains strong. Defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt reports on their first-hand experience of the devastation caused by the Taliban's roadside bombs.

Thought for The Day with Clifford Longley.

It is expected that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) is to admit to a series of failings in its role as the City regulator, in a report on the collapse of Royal Bank of Scotland. Lord Adair Turner, chairman of the FSA, outlines the findings of the report.

Prime Minister David Cameron is to defend his decision in the Commons to use Britain's veto at the European Union summit. Danny Alexander, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury, reflects on where it leaves Britain position in Europe. and political editor Nick Robinson analyses the implications for David Cameron.

What has been the greatest invention of all time? That question was asked by a recent article in Intelligent Life magazine, saying that only tangible processes were eligible and not ideas or principles. Samantha Weinberg, who wrote the article, and Graham Farmelo, Senior Research Fellow at the Science Museum, discuss the possible contenders.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

UN talks in South Africa on climate change have ended with a deal to compel the world's biggest polluters to take action to curb global warming. Lord Stern, chair of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics analyses if the deal goes far enough.

Business news with Simon Jack.

A new law targeting illegal immigrants has analyses if the deal goes far enough. as it aims to prevent illegal immigrants taking local jobs. Jonny Dymond reports on how the law is taking an economic toll on the state.

A new interactive map of London allows for research of the capital's social history in unprecedented detail, including trial accounts from the Old Bailey, tax and population data. Professor Robert Shoemaker of Sheffield University was part of the project and describes what can be done with the information.

The prime minister will defend his decision to use an EU veto in the House of Commons which came under fire from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg who said it was "bad for Britain". Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin and Liberal Democrat MP Martin Horwood discuss what impact this will have on the Conservative/Liberal Democrat relationship.



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