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Today: Friday 9th December

Leaders of 23 EU countries are to draft a new fiscal pact to help stabilise their currency - without the involvement of Britain. After marathon talks through the night in Brussels, President Sarkozy accused David Cameron of making a deal between all 27 EU countries impossible.

Business news with Simon Jack on the latest from the EU summit in Brussels where Eurozone leaders negotiating into the small hours of this morning have agreed a draft of new financial rules for the region.

According to a new study, people who face a serious operation are not being told enough about the risks. Dr George Findlay is an intensive care consultant and the co-author of the report.

After a long night of negotiations between EU leaders, it was announced that decisions had been taken that would have consequences - for the eurozone and for us. Europe Editor Gavin Hewitt and politics editor Nick Robinson analyse the repercussions.

Mark Reckless, a eurosceptic Tory MP, has agreed that European negotiations have re-positioned the UK as a fringe member of the EU, similar to Switzerland.

A group set up to find a new Chief Rabbi for Britain's Orthodox Jews will hold its first major meeting this weekend, amid increasingly bitter division between traditionalist and progressive wings of British Judaism. Religious Affairs Correspondent Robert Pigott reports.

Business news with Simon Jack

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

David Cameron has refused to join an EU financial crisis accord after 10 hours of negotiations in Brussels. Justin Webb reviews the night's crisis talks and Lord Owen gives his response.

A look at today's papers

The painting of the Forth Bridge is to end today, but how can the English language survive without one of our favourite metaphors? John Andrew, Business Development Director at Balfour Beatty, and Mark Forsyth, author of the The Etymologicon, discuss how the longest running construction metaphor came into being and what may replace it.

Thought for The Day with Lord Harries of Pentregarth, Gresham Professor of Divinity.

A major survey carried out under the auspices of the Royal College of Psychiatrists has looked into whether having an abortion increases the risk of mental health problems. Prof Tim Kendall, who wrote the report based on the survey, and Dr Peter Saunders, chief executive of the Christian Medical Fellowship, discuss the findings.

Foreign Secretary William Hague says Britain vetoed the deal to renegotiate EU treaties because EU leaders had not made "enough effort to meet Britain's concerns".

A new French silent movie, The Artist, is about to open in the UK after success in the United States and France. Director Michel Hazanavicius and Bryony Dixon, Curator of Silent Film at the BFI National Archive, discuss the beauty of silent film.

Sport news with Rob Bonnet.

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander says David Cameron's EU negotiation strategy has let Britain down and that the UK "is more isolated than at any point in the 35 years since we joined the European community".

Terry Smith, Chief Executive of Tullett Prebon, compares Britain's isolation in the EU to "someone who refused to join the Titanic before it sailed" as there is nothing that guarantees that the euro will survive.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell says Britain's use of the veto to step aside from a new EU fiscal treaty was "inevitable".

The Countryside Alliance say the progress in the rollout of rural broadband in Britain is very disappointing. Dylan Sharpe, head of media relations at the Countryside Alliance, and Gary Fielding assistant chief executive of North Yorkshire Council, discuss the situation.

What are the repercussions of David Cameron's decision for the UK not to take part in the drafting of a new fiscal pact to help stabilise the Euro? Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform, and Allister Heath, Editor of City AM, debate the future of the EU.



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