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Today: Tuesday 29th November

Chancellor George Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement later but the main focus is likely to be on lower growth forecasts. Will UN climate change talks get anywhere? And also on today's programme, would lighting up Stonehenge at night be a transformation or travesty?

Business news with Simon Jack on the George Osborne's Autumn Statement and the latest OECD forecast on economic growth.

According to the Health Protection Agency, half of those diagnosed with HIV are identified late and could have benefited from earlier treatment. Dr Valerie Delpech, head of HIV surveillance at the agency, explains why they want more widespread and regular testing of those at risk.

Forecasts for UK economic growth are expected to be downgraded by the Office of Budget Responsibility as Chancellor George Osborne prepares to deliver his Autumn Statement. Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies Paul Johnson reflects on the state of the economy.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin's party, United Russia, is expected to win most seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections but opposition parties dismiss the ballot as undemocratic, saying there will be widespread fraud. Steve Rosenberg has been to the town of Tambov where local elections earlier this year were mired in allegations of vote-rigging.

The England football captain John Terry has been questioned by police about alleged racist remarks he made to another footballer. Sports correspondent Gordon Farquhar has the details. Read the news story

Business news with Simon Jack.

A report by the Public Accounts Committee has strongly criticised changes made to the project to construct the Royal Navy's two new aircraft carriers following the Strategic Defence Review. Chair of the committee Margaret Hodge explains her concerns.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

Five years after the Christmas hamper company Farepak collapsed, 120,000 people are still waiting for compensation. Louise McDaid chairs the Farepak Victims Committee and explains how the fees for dealing with the administration of the company have exceeded any potential compensation for its victims.

The Autumn Statement is expected to detail measures to stimulate the economy following figures from the Office of Budget Responsibility. Political editor Nick Robinson and economics editor Stephanie Flanders analyse the prospects for the economy and the government's finances.

A review of the papers.

The British Newspaper Library is putting many of its old newspapers online, with up to four million pages from 200 newspapers from all over the UK and Ireland, mainly from the 19th century. Media correspondent Torin Douglas analyse the prospects for the economy and the government's finances. has been to see some of the historic papers.

Thought for The Day with Canon Angela Tilby.

UN climate change talks are entering their second day in Durban, South Africa, aiming to come up with a settlement constraining greenhouse gas emissions to replace the Kyoto protocol, which expires in a year. Sir David King, the former chief scientific adviser to the government and Jonathon Porritt, environmentalist and co-founder of the Forum for the Future, discuss whether any kind of meaningful agreement is possible.

Economic growth is the phrase of the day with the Chancellor George Osborne due to deliver the Autumn Statement. But what is the right kind of growth for the economy? Evan Davis reports from West Yorkshire.

Joseph Stalin's daughter Lana Peters, whose defection to the west at the height of the Cold War embarrassed the Soviet Union, has died at the age of 85. Robert Service, professor of Russian history at Oxford University, reflects on her life and times.

A debate has opened up over whether or not Stonehenge should be lit up at night. Lady Mimi Pakenham wrote a letter to the Times arguing that it should while Clive Ruggles, professor of Archaeoastronomy at the University of Leicester, is not so keen on the idea.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

Pakistan has denied reports that it opened fire first, provoking the Nato air strike which killed 24 troops at a checkpoint on the Afghan border. Diplomatic correspondent David Loyn has the details and Pakistan's High Commissioner to London, Wajid Hasan, responds to the deaths.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Was the computer of the former Northern Ireland secretary, Peter Hain hacked by private detectives working for News International? According to a report in The Guardian Mr Hain has been warned by police that it might have been. The BBC's Andy Moore outlines the allegations. Read the news story

Within a generation no country need be dependent on aid, so said Tony Blair at an international conference on aid in South Korea. Sarah Montague asked the former prime minister to explain his comments.

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, the first of its kind in the world when it opened in Edinburgh more than a 120 years ago is re-opening after a restoration project which lasted six years and cost £18m. Colin Blane went along to have a look before it opened its doors to the public.

Could rebalancing the economy away from financial services and retail consumerism towards export led manufacturing be the answer to the UK's economic woes? It is an issue of massive importance in Leeds where there is still a strong manufacturing sector. Neil McLean, chair of the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership Board and Professor Karel Williams of the University of Manchester discuss the challenge of rebalancing the economy.



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