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Page last updated at 06:50 GMT, Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Today: Wednesday 9th November

The home secretary is facing pressure to explain her handling of the decision to relax some border checks after the UK border force head stepped down. Silvio Berlusconi is to resign as Italian prime minister. And also on the programme, why do birds make so many people feel uncomfortable?

Business news with Simon Jack on the market reaction to the news that Silvio Berlusconi has offered his resignation.

A gathering of scientists and others at the Royal Society is discussing climate change and its effect on wildlife and ecology, three weeks before the next big global summit on the subject in Durban. David Norman, campaign director at WWF, explains what is likely to be discussed.

Millions of people in Pakistan are facing disease and malnutrition following widespread floods, but charities are warning of a shortage of aid. Neva Khan, Oxfam's country director for Pakistan, assesses why there has been a lack of donations from the international community.

If the eurozone nations are to become a much more tightly aligned fiscal and political unit, then what happens to those on the outside, like the UK? Political editor Nick Robinson has been speaking to the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso.

The High Court has ruled that the Catholic Church has to take responsibility for the actions of its priests. Religious affairs correspondent Robert Piggott explains the potential significance of the ruling.

The US is in economic trouble with high unemployment, low growth, house prices still stumbling and wages being cut, and it is no longer just affecting the working class. North America correspondent Jonny Dymond reports from the town of Prospect, Connecticut on the US's struggling middle class.

Business news with Simon Jack.

The Supreme Court is to deliver a long-awaited ruling on how the ownership of a house should be shared after a couple split up. Divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt explains how the ruling could change the way the law deals with unmarried couples.

Sport news with Garry Richardson.

With Silvio Berlusconi soon to depart as prime minister, where is Italy heading? BBC Europe editor Gavin Hewitt gives his analysis.

A review of the papers.

A new adaptation of one of the most famous stories of love and loss in English literature - Wuthering Heights - is to hit our screens. Director Andrea Arnold, famous for her contemporary dramas set on housing estates, tells BBC's Rebecca Jones what is different about her version of Emily Bronte's classic novel.

Thought for The Day with Anne Atkins, Novelist and Columnist

The situation at Dale Farm appears to be far from resolved, with most of the families evicted three weeks ago and whose homes have been demolished, simply moving into caravans a few hundred metres away. Andrew Hosken has met some of these travellers and Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, gives his views on the situation.

Brodie Clark, who was running the UK Border Agency during the summer, has denied improperly relaxing the rules and says there were regular three hour immigration queues at Heathrow as a result. Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper gives her view on the dispute.

A new book of short stories has been published which ponders many people's fear of birds. Arts Correspondent David Sillito has been meeting the writers who are raising money for the RSPB by coming clean about their uncomfortable feelings about our feathered friends.

Robert Peston explains how, as a result of demanding more cash for Italian bond deposits, the price of Italian government bonds as fallen leading to a rise in the implicit interest rate on debt.

Sports news with Garry Richardson.

The UN nuclear watchdog says it has information that Iran has carried out tests "relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device". Former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Sir Richard Dalton, former ambassador to Iran, debate how Britain should react.

Business news with Simon Jack.

Distressing accounts of elderly people being poorly treated by hospital staff have been published by the Patients Association. The Association's Angela Rippon discusses the report.

The highest paid footballer in the world, former Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto'o, is one of a string of top players to make the move to the club Anji Makhachkala in the remote and troubled Russian region of Dagestan. Steve Rosenberg reports from the North Caucasus.

Is the resignation of European leaders over the last few days democracy at work or does it show a eurozone elite imposing their will over the heads of their voters? John Stevens, a pro-euro former Tory MEP, and John Redwood, a eurosceptic Tory MP, debate the European change of guard.


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